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  1. Hi! Ended up booking (using your link) and got the Portola Hotel and Spa. $185/night + taxes - $10 coupon code = $456 total for 2 nights. Thanks for your help! I did need the Portola after all, I'm attending a meeting nearby and that made the most sense. A king bed wasn't absolutely necessary, just would have been nice. I'll call the hotel and see if they can give me a king...if not, I will survive 🙂
  2. Amenities Business center Fitness center Golf nearby Internet access Near beach Pet friendly Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Smoke-free rooms Dates are June 27-29
  3. Hi! I'm trying to book a 4* mystery deal which is being offered for $184 in Downtown Monterey. Based on the details and photo I'm pretty sure it's the Portola Hotel and Spa. However, they don't allow bed choice and I would really like to get a king. Is there any way to know what kind of bed you'll be getting? Is one type more likely than the other? Thanks!