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  1. Hello! I started off at $75 for the Weho/BH area. Rejected. So I added Downtown and dropped to $62. Rejected. Added Belair bid $70. Yay! Now I have all my hotels for the West Coast Adventure! When I get back look for reviews (in June) for Portland, Seattle, SF, LA & SD! Thanks for the board! It is a lifesaver! Forgot to add the date--Thursday, May 26
  2. I started off at $81. Then $87, $90, $92...won at $95. It is a little more than I expected, but it IS memorial day weekend so I can't complain. The Omni is right next to the Gaslamp so that should be happy.
  3. Started off at $51, rebid at $56, rebid at $61. Your Offer Price: $61.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 3 Subtotal: $183.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $32.39 Total Charges: $215.39 Yay!
  4. I'm so confused!!! Is this a good area to be in? Is it better to be downtown?
  5. 3 1/2 stars for May 27 & May 28. But if it is a mistake, and i buy it, can they try to make me pay more later?
  6. I haven't bought this yet because $24 scared me. It is a customer favorite, best value. Hotel, shuttle, food, pool, gym, high speed internet, business center, laundry. I'm guessing it is the Sheraton Mission Valley. Is this too good to be true? Is this a good spot to be for exploring SD? Thanks in advance! kt
  7. I guess I could have started lower, but I figured $57 was a stretch for a saturday in May, especially since that weekend is Mother's Day and the Susan G. Koman Walk for the Cure. So I was happy that $57 was accepted. Anyhoo I'm very happy; I have stayed here several times with Priceline and happy every time!
  8. Yeah I saw your posts on Brasa. Checked it out & I'm there. My friend and I are doing a West Coast Adventure (which I've mentioned on this board before) and I'm scoping out all the cheap & tasty around! Thanks :)
  9. First bid! We are flying in May 11 late. So we'll stay here and then head out to downtown!
  10. Started off bidding $60...Rejected Added Bothel bid $62....Rejected Third times a charm, added Lake Union Bid $65 Success! May 12-May 15
  11. It was my first bid. I saw that a $90 bid won a 4* so that's just where I started. Thanks!
  12. :) oh did I forget to mention I ended up with $79 a night. Sorry about that.