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  1. (Booked 8/21/15) Stay now completed. Needed two rooms. Bid $90 per room. Started at 4* and bid $65. Added areas knowing that only Downtown and Ohio State areas had 4* hotels and based upon my research into those 5-6 hotels in those 2 areas, any of them would have been adequate for our purposes of seeing a concert and hitting the Columbus Zoo for a daddy/daughter weekend. Added $5 per increment until won at $90. Likely would have gotten a bit better deal had I waited closer to our stay, but my friend was adamant that we had bookings early, since there was a Taylor Swift concert the night before our stay. Won @ $90 x 2 rooms, $180 + $41.90 taxes and PL fees for a grand total of $221.90, or abour $111 per room. Since our booking was a month in advance, and given the quality of this 4* hotel, it was still a good deal. They gave us a wonderful two rooms in a corner of the hotel as well after discussing and trying to make the birthday trip for one of our girls even better. We had a fairly private 2 rooms at the end of the hall, with a stairwell as the only neighbor really, and the corner room had amazing floor to ceiling window all the way through the hall way, with extra space at the entry, the other room having 2 floor to ceiling windows. Wonderful hotel. Lovely pool, beautiful restaurant. 3 years old. It is $20 to park and $24 for valet parking a day. I am a Hilton Honors member so got basic WiFi for free.
  2. Not the Westin. I've been researching this 4* on Hotwire too for an upcoming trip. The Westin Downtown German Village is in a historic 1896 building and there is NO indoor pool.
  3. $50 + $14.63 taxes and fees = $64.63 Great deal on a great hotel. Large rooms, nice indoor pool, free parking and free internet. Love when we get the Marriott Pgh Airport. Pretty much the goal of my bidding most Pittsburgh trips. We've even been upgraded to a suite a few times, when we had trouble checking in.
  4. Bid initially for one night to do New Years Eve First Night in Alexandria. Enjoyed our stay and wanted to relax new years day, so added a night using the Priceline offer, same terms. $53 bid $12.39 tax and fees $65.39 total. Oldest Marriot in the system according to their literature on site. Large property. Awesome views from the top floor. We went up to walk around. It's conference and meeting rooms up there but they weren't in use and we wandered around a bit. (Bellman told us it was great up there, go up and look around). I got some great photos of the Arlington area, Potomac and Key Bridge. There are indoor and outdoor pools. My daughter enjoyed the indoor pool (staffed with lifeguard), and I enjoyed watching from the hot tub and a lounge chair. They did have a problem one night keeping towels stocked. Apparently they were understaffed, so we had to go down to the gym and snag the last, small, towels to dry off from the pool. The restaurant had great food, prices a bit steep for beverages, even for DC. Small convenience store/gourmet coffee shop on site as well. Wonderful and friendly staff, very helpful. They pointed me in the direction of using Uber for a ride to Alexandira for NYE. Awesome recommendation. I signed up on UBER and got credit for signing up, so my first ride into Alexandria was essentially free, and we were just paying for the return trip. Amazing service, both rides we had our driver show up within 3 minutes, and you can watch the car arrive on your phone app. I digress. I saw some reviews with folks complaining about this property as far as outdated, rooms were small, etc. I see no such reason to complain. Our room was quite small, but we had a decent view, and we weren't there to hang out in our room. And we were bargain Priceline customers, and on a busy holiday weekend, we were quite pleased with the hotel and our room.
  5. $54/night 2 nights, $108 tax and fees, $24.02 Total $132.02 for a two night stay. Nice property, BEAUTIFUL pool, recently redone. Have stayed there before but before pool remodel. Lovely LED and color changing lighting and the best view you're going to find from a rooftop hotel pool in Arlington, over the Pentagon and can see the Washington Monument and DC from the pools. We were very disappointed that the revolving restaurant was closed though, and only opening up for the New Years Eve festivities. Major problems with their internet the days we were there as well. WiFi and parking are too expensive, but typical for DC. There were MAJOR problems with the room though. They were in the process or remodeling, and noise levels at 6-7am were unbearable, and unable to sleep through. Being on vacation, I was less than pleased. They moved me to another room upon request, and did provide me with a voucher for the restaurant, which was nice.
  6. Bid $60 Taxes and fees $17.75 $77.75 total. Nice property, walking distance to everything in the inner harbor,. nice indoor pool, large rooms, connecting parking garage but not free parking. $15 day. Across the street from fire station. We were on the 4th floor. Fairly quiet though and never had any fire station alarms waking us up. Dry sauna after pool was nice. Large gym. Be advised, they charged my card for the full room price, despite being a pre-paid Priceline room. Took 5 days to get the refund back on my card, and they weren't all that forthcoming with whether or not they were crediting my card back.
  7. Bid $55 Tax and fees $13.41 Total $68.41 This is the former Sheraton 4 Points. The Crown Plaza PIT airport is now Sheraton. Very nice older property. Well kept and updated. Outdoor pool though, so wasn't perfect for my trip with my daughter. But we were in to do other things (Aviary/Zoo), so she had to deal without a pool. Very nice bar and restaurant on property. Free parking, free internet, airport shuttles, etc. In the middle of everything but somewhat secluded location overlooking Airport Expressway. I heard this was originally THE Sheraton until the expressway project cut it off and placed it in the middle of an office park. If you've never been there, use your GPS, lest you end up on a joyride through an office complex.
  8. $55.00 bid $13.16 tax and fees $68.16. total. Bid on May 21, 2015. I need to start waiting until the last day before I travel I guess when I strike out at higher star levels. The Extended Stay was ok. Large rooms, but Spartan. They don't even leave plates or any utensils or glasses in the rooms anymore, you have to get them from the front desk. It served it's purpose, but not a great hotel. I struck out across the board, selecting ALL areas at 4*, 3.5*, 3*, 2.5* at $50 and $55. Had to go down to 2* to get a room. I had tried up to $65 at 4*. 3.5* and 3*. Must have been a lot going on in Pittsburgh that weekend. We were in for family and to see the Pirates/Mets.
  9. Bid: $55 Tax and fees: $14.17 Ttl: $69.17 Looking for a stopover with pool travelling with family/kids. Bid $50, 3.5*, BWI airport, bid failed. Was at a truck stop and didn't want to fool around much, in route to Chincoteague for a Sunday check in, so added Fort Meade-Jessup and Columbia South-Jessup, both of which were close to our route, and it was a monsoon outside. Also brought down to 3*, as a survey of available hotels in those areas suggested we would get a pool at 3*. Bid $55. and won the HI. Nice outdoor pool. Large facility. Walking distance to some shops across the street including a liquor/beer store, which we patronized for "supplies." Decent hotel bar and restaurant. Rather expensive beer and mixed drinks for a HI, but friendly bartender and very nice place. An older Holiday Inn property, but well kept. Extended our checkout to 2pm, but I'm a HI Rewards member.
  10. Bid: 63 Tax and Fees: $14.61 Total: $77.61 Needed a room, preferably with pool because travelling with my 7 year old for Pirates games and a pop star concert. So started bidding at 3.5* airport, bid $50, failed. Added downtown area (knowing I wouldn't get it, but still shooting for airport, and if I get downtown, so be it, I'll just pay to park and have a nice hotel), bid $55 failed. Added North Shore (again knowing wouldn't get, especially with concert and a game, but if I got it, excellent, going to concert and games), bid $60, failed, but priceline countered at, I think, $74. Declined to take $74 offer. I added South Side (again, knowing it was unlikely), bid $63. Bid accepted. Unusual that I have to go this long. Usually I get the Pittsburgh Marriot for $50-$55. But sold out PNC Park for huge Cardinals series, top two teams in baseball, plus several concerts going on in the area. The hotels probably were filling up. Excellent free continental breakfast with made to order omelets. Free parking. Large rooms with fridge, microwave, sink, living room, 2 tvs. Typical older Embassy property but updated and very well kept. Nice indoor pool with hot tub outside. Full bar and restaurant. Charge in room for internet, but I logged on in atrium area just outside room, clicking on the "promo" option, and then was able to use my laptop everywhere, including in bed. Used Sprint data on my phone, unlimited, so I didn't try to log onto hotel with handheld. Great hotel, great deal. You'll never find this property under $100 on any site or without bidding. This is the second time I scored it on Price.line bidding.
  11. Started at 4* downtown, $65 bid, add 3.5* North Short $65 bid, reject; add Pgh South, $60 bid, reject, add Greentree, $55 bid, reject; Add Pgh Airport (my standby if I don't want to keep adding/changing bids), bid $50, win. May have been able to go a little cheaper and get the Marriott, but not sure, and I've never gotten it below $45, so I'm happy with the win. I like the place and get it a lot. My bidding is usually tailored to win specific hotels without a lot of effort. Extended a night backwards to a Friday check in instead of Saturday check in after winning.
  12. Are you sure the Crowne was listed as a 3.5*. It has always been a 3* in the past, and past wins I've had. This is critical to me as I travel with my kids a lot and the other 3.5*'s at the Airport are the Hyatt and Marriott full service hotels, and they have indoor pools, while the Crowne does not. Thanks for clarifying.
  13. Decent no frills HI, exercise room. No pool. Right across street from Civic Center, 1 block to river. Nice, basic rooms, average sized, comfortable bedding. Hotel just had renovations to update. One of best free continental+ breakfasts you'll find anywhere. $64.82 ttl after PL fees and tax. HI Express is a FREQUENT player on PL and you have a very good chance of getting it in the 2.5 star category. As is Best Western. Ramada is now as well, which is the former HI Charleston House. It could be a nice hotel, and upgrades are on the way, but some of the rooms are rather dated. You can get a room with a sweet river view if you get the Ramada though. Hopefully their plan to renovate rooms and enclose the outdoor pool and replace the elevators will happen sooner rather than later.
  14. I always start at the 3* level, and at $60 you have a good chance of getting the Marriott or the Embassy Suites. Both are nice hotels, best Charleston has to offer, and especially good chances on the weekdays. Plus, I have had my best luck grabbing the Embassy, my preferred hotel (BEST, over Marriott, in CRW IMO), at the last minute. I've actually pulled into the parking lot at Embassy, pulled out my computer or iphone, and bid $50-55 in the parking lot, and gotten the Embassy. I don't think Best Western is too bad, the breakfast has been decent, but I wouldn't bid $61 on it. You would have been better off going down to 2*, bidding $50, and getting the Holiday Inn Express. Nicer, cleaner rooms than Best Western. CRW does suck as far as PRICELINE goes though, because of the no-rebid zones without dropping stars. So always start at 3*, and if you're willing to go to $60 for your first bid, (which I am loathe to do), BY ALL MEANS start at 3*. You will snag Marriott or Embassy a LOT at that starting bid. If you can, and it's further out, you can always try Cross Lanes or Charleston East now. PRICELINE has added several areas now, if they don't show up when you type in Charleston WV, type in Cross Lanes WV and you should see 3 areas show up now. Wingate and Holiday Inn in South Charleston have also become Priceline players, though I haven't gotten them much yet. 2 times for HI, once Wingate. They are owned by the same company. Wingate doesn't have a pool but has a hot tub, and you can walk across the parking lot and use the HI pool. The HI used to be Ramada, but was EXTENSIVELY renovated and is now one of the nicest properties in the Charleston area. Have yet to see how that will all play out on PL though, they sunk millions into the remodel, and aren't players at the $50-$60 bids much as of yet. The frack well drilling craze in WV has seemed to fill a lot of hotel rooms, and push up prices as well.
  15. A lot going on in Pgh this weekend, struck out at all star levels in all areas until going down to 2*, then got stuck out in Monroeville. Wasn't a bad stay, all in all, but ESA rooms, while spacious, are spartan, beds not real comfortable, and thankfully I was alone and just needed a place to crash for the night. The upside is there are a few very nice bar/restaurants down the street with pretty bartenders. Look for ample neon signs out front to the east of the hotel, across from Wendy's, for a nice place for a drink and dinner. Skip Primani Bros next door unless you really dig french fries on your fairly mediocre sandwich.