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  1. Bid $90 + $7 bonus cash a night. Tried the night before up to $85 and no takers. Looks like it will be a good location for my weekend trip.
  2. Tried $45, $50, $55, and finally $57 before getting the Crowne Plaza. Looks like it's an older hotel but will be just fine for a short trip.
  3. Won on the first bid. With tax the total is $64.58
  4. Mystic - New London (Mystic) Hotel Ramada Inn 2 1/2 starts Amenities: Smoke free Pool High-Speed Breakfast Restaurant Fitness Center Business Center Good price for the high season for the hotel class but only a $10 discount from published rates. Reviews are mixed, but think it will be fine as a place to crash for one night.
  5. New to HOTWIRE (usually use PRICELINE). The list of amenities are: Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities High-speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby
  6. Originally planned to book a 2* hotel in the city center for $120/night but couldn't do it ($150 minimum for one with average tripadvisor reviews). Very impressed with this hotel. Not *exactly* in the city center but they have a free shuttle and a tram stop.
  7. Won this hotel for the same price last December, got it on my first try. The Sheraton is the better 3.5* hotel you can get in the zone, but the Crowne Plaza isn't a dump either. Looking forward to my stay!
  8. Exactly what I wanted. Add in a taxi from the airport and parking for my friend... still less than published rates!
  9. Certainly a good value. Can't be too upset over the price I paid.
  10. A short one-night stay I booked at 8pm the day of. First bid of $35 was accepted. I was not impressed with the room (large tear in the curtain and a clogged tub drain). A single night and late arrival kept me from complaining and getting a new room.
  11. I also have been trying to bid a room on Ft Lauderdale Beach, but for this December. I got within $10 of published rates for the zone before just booking a hotel directly. I found some good deals on 3-4* properties from the big travel sites, the Visa Signature portal, and the AMEX Network portal. I've noticed that there are a lot of good winning bids away from the beach, and if you're renting a car, you can just drive out to it.
  12. My girlfriend bid this, so I don't know the history of the bids. We'll be visiting graduate schools so we'll have a car and the free parking at the hotel will be welcome.
  13. (Sept 2009) It was a single night stay and true to its name, all the rooms are suites. There are eight floors of regular rooms, and the ninth floor is reserved as an executive level. My assigned room was on the second floor, at the end of the hall, and away from the elevator. The room was a true suite with a separate bedroom, though the overall square feet of the room was on the small side. The bed, water temperature and pressure, overall cleanliness, and furnishings were all above average. The hotel features two pools (one indoor and one outdoor). There is a business center with free computers and printing in the lobby. A small bar and restaurant are located on the ground floor. Parking is free, but the lot can fill up in the early evening with business travelers. The hotel's location is very convenient at the intersection of I-270 and Route 23 (both major roads for Columbus). The hotel is also located in a small development with a lot of other hotels (all lower star quality), a variety of restaurants, and an excellent movie theater.
  14. Needed a night in Pittsburgh for a wedding (close the airport so I could make an early flight). I think this is above-average because of the G20 coming to PIT that week and taking up a lot of the rooms in the city. I was hoping to grab a 2.5* around $40 but Priceline bumped me up to the 3* when I bid $55. This hotel has some mixed reviews, so I will be sure to post one when I get home.