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Priceline Hotel: Wenatchee, WA - bidding help and question

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By Neelee,

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I need to book several rooms in Wenatchee for 3/18 to 3/19. I see that Priceline limits me to 4 rooms, I need 6. I'll figure that part out, maybe resubmit at a different time if I win.

My confusion is here. When you initially enter the area - Wenatchee, you are giving two choices, Wenatchee or Yakima. These two cities are miles apart (2.5 hours drive time). The event takes place in Wenatchee, thus Yakima would be unreasonable.

When I went through the motions to place my bid and got to the confirmation screen, the top part of the screen says "Wenatchee-Yakima area". I cancelled out at that point for fear that my winning bid would end us up in Yakima and no prayer of cancelling. Has anyone experienced this? As a test, I tried a couple of other remote areas such as Mt. Vernon, WA and Vacaville, CA. Neither of these places list the region on "Please review your request" page.

Also, after some research the average per night charge at a 3* is anywhere from $69 (Red Lion) up to $110 (Coast Hotels). I'm hoping, due to such a remote site that I can get it with a maximum bid of $55. What do you think? Shall I start at $37?

Do you think I might get stuck in Yakima?

Thanks in advance for your advice

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If you just check the Wenatchee box there is no possibility of getting a hotel in Yakima. In fact, you have Yakima as a free rebid zone if you bid for a 3* hotel in Wenatchee. Do you understand free rebids? The confirmation screen shows Wenatchee-Yakima as the "region" and Wenatchee as the specific area you are bidding on. It would be analogous to seeing Seattle as the "region" and Sea-Tac for example as the specific area. You are good to go if you just check the Wenatchee box on that first screen. It looks like the only 3* rated hotel in Wenatchee right now is the Coast Wenatchee Center Hotel which has been fairly consistently won at $45. You might try a little lower for a 3* bid if you want to make use of the free rebid. If not you might want to bid $45 right off the bat. If you don't get the 3* you could drop down and bid 2.5 star without waiting the 72 hours. You might get the 2.5* for a little less. There has not been much activity in Wenatchee at less than 3* so it is hard to say what might win there at tha level or even who is participating there at less than the 3* level. However, likewise, if you don't get the 2.5* at whatever you bid for that you would have to wait the 72 hours to rebid Wenatchee unless you wanted to drop down to 2*. At 2.5* and 2* you have no free rebids. Hope this helps.

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The Wenatchee zone is fairly large. Enter Wenatchee in the City screen, and then click on Area Details. You can then tell what the boundaries of the zone are.

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Thank you both for your prompt replies and clarifications. Yes, I do understand the rebid options and will definitely use your advise on how much to bid. Wish me luck!!

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Well - first run at it, tried just 3* in Wenatchee at $40. Rejected

Used Yakima for free rebid (highest is 2.5*) for $43. Rejected

I'll wait out the 72 hours.

Thanks again for the assist

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Well, rejected two more times, so I think I'll give up. First time I was rejected for 3* I started with $45 for Wenatchee and upped it in my free rebid to $47 after adding Yakima (highest is 2.5*).

Today, after waiting my 72 hours, I started with $47 and used $50 in my free rebid.

The Red Lion has a $69 rate guarantee deal that I might just jump on. It has some restrictions, but it beats of the stress of waiting until the last minute.

Unless anyone has any suggestions?

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