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  1. Apologies for not following up to close the thread. Thank you for the reminder, Thereuare. I looked back on my 2012 travel records for this trip I ended up going with my backup plan - Hilton Garden Inn Times Square - using Tingo @ $156.00. The location was perfect for what we wanted to do.
  2. Apologies for not following up to close the thread. Thank you for the reminder, Thereuare. I ended up using my backup - the Clarion Hotel at SeaTac - because my bidding strategies didn't work
  3. Yes, I am looking to get into the DoubleTree Carson, if possible. Current rates are between $155 to $185. Hoping for 40-50% of that. Thank you very much
  4. Looking to stay in Carson, CA for grand aunt's 80th Birthday. Relatives are staying at the Doubletree in Carson, which Priceline lists as a 3 star (zone 20 - Carson, Compton, Gardena). The zone list has grown quite a bit since I've last bid in the Los Angeles area. Any suggestions on bidding strategy?
  5. Thanks again, Thereuare! Forgot to mention, with taxes, my backup plan (Clarion Hotel) is actually $169. But I can cancel before 7/26. Failed in my bids again (using previous strategy; last weekend) as well as trying for just 3* in SeaTac area (with 2 free rebids zones 14 & 17) Tried the link you provided for the 3* @ $117 but was greeted with "Pricing and inventory changes often and the deal you selected is no longer available. However, we still have the following deals below" I'll give it one more shot tomorrow before going to the Express Deals.
  6. Good evening! My backup is Clarion Hotel Seattle Airport, 3000 S. 176th St.,Seattle, WA, US, 98188 Thank you, as usual, for being so responsive!
  7. Struck out again this time going with 3.5 star which gave me 7 rebid zones. Started at $50 and incremented $5 from there. P/L says average is $290. Thanks for the RefundableRates link. My back up is booked at $143 total (including tax) and I'll get my airlines miles. That's still less than the 3 to 3.5 star Express Deals and RefundableRates I'll try bidding tomorrow. Maybe start at $60 which will still keep me under $100. Thank you for the assist.
  8. Hello Thereuare! Thank you so much for confirming my options. I ran through it all today and all bids rejected based on the above strategy. I know summer is a busy month and it's all a long shot. I'll give it a whirl again tomorrow. In the meantime, I'll look for a backup plan. Thanks again!
  9. Hello everyone, It's been a while since I've been here so I'm a little rusty. I'm trying to stay below $100 for the night since I'm arriving late and leaving early, so just there to sleep. But I need to be at SeaTac Sea-Tac is 4 stars. If I'm doing this correctly, I have "bunches" of rebids in the 12 other zones that are 3.5 or lower. On the Zone Map #2 (Pike Place area) and #4 (DT area) are the only 5 stars. #6(Bellevue) & #15 (Kirkland) are the other 4 stars. I've scoured a several pages of the WA Forum, but didn't really see any recent strategies for SeaTac. Does any one have any strategy suggestions they would like to share? Thank you!
  10. Just checking in - still no luck winning with the last strategy. I'll keep trying. Half tempted to try for Times Square 3.5* or 3*. But I'll be patient
  11. Thank you, Thereuare, I have backup reservations at Hilton Garden Inn @ Times Square for $156/night. I can't remember why I didn't include ESB. Do you have a strategy you would like me to use for either a 3.5* or 4*? If not, I'll do the best I can and report back to the board. I cannot thank you and other advanced members enough for all you do to ensure we all get a great deal. You all ROCK!
  12. I want to stay in the Times Square Area and have bidded on the following 4* areas using the 7 rebids: 1 -TS Times Square - Theatre District 2 - MTW Midtown West 3 -MTE Midtown East 4 - CPS Central Park South Again, based on a previous suggested bid thread (which I now know is a no no).
  13. Thank you for that advice. I was just hoping to avoid wasting anyone's time. Do you have a suggestion for this time frame? I booked the Ink48 as you suggested as a backup (with free cancellation).
  14. I used the suggestions mentioned in this post Priceline NYC Looking for backup hotel, now, as suggested
  15. The $149/nite hotel is no longer available. It was the Hilton Gardens and the price is now at $189. I've been unsuccessful so far in diligently using the suggested bidding strategy. I'm thinking about booking a 'refundable' backup at Wyndham Gardens currently at $169. Yes, that's more than I want to spend, however, if I book directly I get airline miles as opposed to doing via PL. Thoughts?
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