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By brianveen,

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After doing some research and back and forth comparison between Hotwire, Priceline and here on BetterBidding I have come up with a list of possible hotels for my Vancouver stay coming up next month. I'm looking for some feedback to help me decide. My desired price range is $50-70 and all these fit into that so price isn't much of a factor. If you have any experience with these please share what you think is the best of this list for a weekend liesure trip for me and my bf.

The candidates are:

- Marriott Pinnacle Hotel ($50 PL)

- Delta Vancouver Suite Hotel ($64 HW)

- Westin Bayshore ($68 HW)

- Crowne Plaza Hotel Georgia ($50 HW)

Thanks in advance.

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I wouldn't choose the Crowne Plaza due to the fact that they give PL/HW customers the worst rooms in the house - the ones that are next to the elevators. My friend was assigned one of those rooms and couldn't sleep the whole night!

Location wise, the Crowne Plaza is the best. The next will be the Delta Suites and then Marriott Pinnacle. The Westin is a little farther from downtown but very close to the Stanley Park. I believe you could also get the Renaissance Vancouver on PL for around $40 and the Renaissance is right across the street from the Marriott. The Renaissance Vancouver is where I had my high school prom. :-)

If you don't want to risk it, then go for the Delta Suites on Hotwire. If you want to risk it, I'd bid $50 for the Marriott and somewhere between $55-65 to get one of the Delta Suites, Westin, Hyatt, Pacific Palisades. They all have the Priceline rates from $55-65.

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I would rate the Crowne Plaza at the bottom, also. Even when I used to stay there on business travel, paying a hefty rate, I got stuck with crappy rooms enough that I swore I would never stay there again.

All the other three are very nice hotels, and the Marriott stands out for its exceptional staff, I have found. It is nice and new and clean.

If you like a separate seating/sleeping area and a little bit more space, then you might prefer the Delta.

You could luck out at the Westin Bayshore and get an incredible view room, but hard to say with certainty. Probably won't get more than a city-view with the others, although we once upgraded at check-in with the Marriott and they gave us a top-floor panorama that was incredible.

But the Westin is located right on the edge of the Park and the ocean, so you have a better chance of getting a view room. Also, you can walk right out and onto the seawall walkway that will take you all around Stanley Park. If you luck out with some nice warm weather, I think the Westin is the best location. If you want more urban night life, then Delta or Marriott will be closer to stuff around town.

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I stayed at the Crowne Plaza a couple of years ago before a cruise and loved the location. I did get stuck in a poor room location in a back corner but really had no complaints about the room or noise.

Where did you see that it is still listed on Hotwire? I thought it was crossed out meaning its not avialable anymore? I'm looking for a room near Canada Place before a cruise in May and would like the Crowne again if possible in the $5O range. I don't feel comfortable bidding on a 3* Priceline as two of the hotels listed are not in the location I'd like. Any help?


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The Crowne Plaza is still on the pinned list. It is on the first list and is the only hotel under Vancouver (Downtown Entertainment District).

The details on here are:

3.5* Crowne Plaza

Amenities: Restaurant, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business

What I found on Hotwire for many date combinations is:

Downtown Vancouver Entertainment District

Restaurant(s), Fitness Center, High-Speed Internet Access, Business Center.

3.5* $44/night

Good luck with that,


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OK now I am finding a mystery hotel on Hotwire that I can't identify:

Downtown Vancouver West 3.5*

Selected amenities include: Boutique Hotel, Restaurant(s), Fitness Center, High-Speed Internet Access, Business Center.


I understand that the pinned list is not all inclusive because offerings are frequently changing but the only 2 botique we have listed on here are: Terminal City Club Tower Hotel and Pacific Palisades Hotel which are both 4*. Are both of those hotels in Downtown Vancover West? Any idea what this 3.5* might be?


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My dates for this trip are still semi-flexible but I'm looking around the weekend of March 18th - 20th. We want to do a 3 or 4 night stay but the exact days are flexible.

I'm still considering my options on Hotwire and Priceline but I personally prefer modern botique hotels with personality and have fallen for the Pacific Palisades. Even tho I see it's possible to get it bidding (I'm not finding it in Hotwire results but I saw a $70 report on Priceline) I'm almost willing to take it at market rate just to be sure I get it, unless anyone else has any ideas of how to get that one for certain cheaper.

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The 3.5 star you were referring to should be the Listel.

There is basically no way to for sure getting the Pacific Palisades on Priceline unless you buy one of their hotel+air or hotel+car packages. Hotwire is not showing it for your dates as some other 4 star has a lower rate than them.

AAA and Regular rates at the Pacific Palisades for your dates is about Cdn$120-140.

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So just to follow up, we moved our trip to Easter weekend because of some great fares I found on Alaska for SFO-YVR. I booked a king suite room at the Pacific Palisades for 3 nights March 25-28 at the daily rate of $157 Canadian or $126 US.

It wasn't a budget based move by any means but I just ended up going for what I wanted. I will definitly try hotwire or priceline for future trips. The knowledge I have learned on this board will help me do that much more effectively.



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I did book the Pacific Palisades directly with the hotel, using their toll-free number. I wanted to do that so I could put special requests (high floor, comp upgrade if avail.) on the booking. I asked her to beat their online offer for AAA and she did. She said that if during this stay I would consider joining their free Kimpton In Touch customer loyalty program that she would give me a discount. I spoke with Jessica, she was great and I got an email confirmation of my reservation with the guest preferences I requested.

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