Hotwire Hotel: 3.5* Los Angeles (Santa Monica) Four Points

By cakobau,

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Hotel has been mentioned in posts, but is not on the list yet.

1 room(s) @ $24.00 per night x 1 night(s) $24.00

Taxes and fees: $9.95

Total Price $33.95

Four Points Hotel Santa Monica

530 West Pico Boulevard

Santa Monica, California 90405

(310) 399-9344

Restaurant; pool; fitness center; business center; laundry facilities (self-service)

WARNING: HOTEL IS UNDERGOING RENOVATIONS not revealed on Hotwire, of course...

Great price, but.... from the hotel's own website:

"From October 28, 2004 to February 28, 2005, sections of the hotel will be undergoing renovations. During this period, renovations will not take place between 5:00 PM on Friday and 9:00 AM on Monday. The ground level pool and whirlpool will be renovated through February 28. Guests will have access to the neighboring hotel's pool from January 17 - 31. The hotel's own second floor pool and whirlpool will be available as of February 1, on property. The restaurant will be under renovation from January 17 through February 1; meals will be served in the lobby bar during this time. The lobby, lobby bar, fitness room and all sleeping rooms have been completely renovated. Please contact the hotel for further details."

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I believe this hotel has been mentioned before due to Priceline wins, but never won on HOTWIRE... so thank you for adding your win to the board along with the amenities associated with it.

If you're not happy with this result i suspect that you may be able to get out of it due to the renovations, but i'm not sure your thoughts on that.

Thanks again for posting and enjoy your stay.

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I'm not too worried about the renovations, frankly, since the hotel will just be a crash pad for one night. And to boot, the bulk of the renovations should be finished before we check in.

For $24, it's pretty darn cheap no matter how you cut it.

Apparently the hotel is undergoing renovations to change from Four Points Sheraton to the Sheraton Delfina. Not sure when the rebranding will take place. I'll be sure to report on the stay in the review section after the stay.

FYI, I had bid up to $38 on Priceline, in the LAX, Santa Monica, and Manhattan Beach zones, to no avail, at the 2.5* level. I checked Hotwire for the heck of it, and voila. The hotel is still showing this evening on Hotwire -- it just appeared at $25. We know how Hotwire fluctuates the prices a little throughout the day.

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For some reason, I'm not getting the option to edit my earlier post... so apologies for excessive postings to this thread...

I just wanted to add that the sheraton.com rate for this room is $239 fully prepaid/nonrefundable. A refundable reservation here would be $249. It looks like they're charging "Sheraton" rates, not "Four Points by Sheraton."

The upgrade from "Four Points" to "Sheraton" is a few months behind, it seems, according to this press release from August 2004:


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This is such a fabulous deal! It sounds like all the rooms have been renovated and most of the common areas, so to get this price for this area is incredible. Santa Monica is so pricey and tricky to bid on Priceline (no rebids at all at 3* level). Please let us know how it goes!

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