Hotwire Hotel: 4.5* Los Angeles (Beverly Hills-West Hollywood) Sofitel

By DaLuc,

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I'm trying to decide on a hotel for our anniversary weekend in the Hollywood area. We are going to the Magic Castle the night of Saturday Feb 27 and want to stay somewhere fairly close (I don't want to drive all the way to Santa Monica afterward) and I'm trying to decipher the Hotwire options or decide if I should bid on Priceline...

I want something up scale, just for Sat feb 27, I prefer ultra modern and no chains. I'd like to keep it to $160 or under... haven't found much through traditional routes that are that inexpensive so I am looking on Hotwire/Priceline w/BetterBidding's help!


Beverly Hills - West Hollywood Hotel

4.5* @ $149

Amenities: Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business

-- I assume the Sofitel

4* @$159

Hollywood Area Hotel

Smoke-Free, Fitness, Pool, Restaurant, Business, Internet, Spa

-- I assume the new W Hotel Hollywood

4* @ $129

Beverly Hills - West Hollywood Hotel

Boutique, Fitness, Pool, Restaurant, Internet

-- cannot figure this one out??!!! it is rated 70% on TA, so I was thinking the Avalon, but the Orlando is also rated 69%... Tower Beverly Hills is rated 78% on TA...

So my question is to I choose one of these "safe" bets where I know what I'm getting, or go for a Priceline option?

I would LOVE to get the Mondrian on priceline but see it hasn't been won for over a year... and I don't want to get the Hyatt or Roosevelt. Any other ideas on what 4* Priceline hotels have been won recently? I've checked the calendar and don't see much exciting recently for 4*'s in Hollywood area.

Any advice would be appreciated!

And of course I'm searching through your links! :)

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There's no way to guarantee a particular property via PRICELINE, and unfortunately the Mondrian's retail price seems steep for these dates in comparison to other comparable properties in the zone. Additionally, bidding more in an attempt to get a particular property will likely result in overbidding for the same property that you may have gotten for less. I would start a bit lower if bidding for a 4*.

If not the Mondrian, the similarly boutique Thompson is $179 via Orbitz, and coupon code WELCOME10 works for 10% off = $161, slightly over your max.

Please use the site's HOTWIRE or PRICELINE links to start your purchases and searches.

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From a $$ standpoint your best bet would probably be bidding for a 4* in Hollywood on PRICELINE. You'll likely either get W, Roosevelt, or Renaissance, and my guess is you could get one of them for under $130.

I know you said you don't want Roosevelt but if it comes up you'll be short walking distance to the Magic Castle, which the Mondrian and W aren't (for most people). Not sure if that matters to you.

I really want the Mondrian.
It's an unlikely outcome on PRICELINE or HOTWIRE now. You'd need to book it conventionally.
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Still lurking and trying to decide which hotel I want. Most likely will go through PRICELINE in the interest of saving a few dollars, but clicked on your HOTWIRE link tonight just to check and found this....

Beverly Hills - West Hollywood Hotel

4.5* @ $119

Amenities: Fitness, Pool, Restaurant, Business, Hi-Speed Internet

Recommended in 90% of customer reviewers with 500+ total reviews

is this the Sofitel again just for much less? If not, any idea what hotel it might be? When I search TA for 4-5* hotels in Los Angeles I don't find any with 500+ reviews.....

Could this be the London? The only two 4.5* that show up in your Hotwire list are the Sofitel and the London.... but with the extra amenities it matches the Sofitel. Would the Sofitel really drop that much in price? And from past wins I don't see the London won that cheaply either.


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This is a match for the Sofitel. So that would be my best guess. And the price is nothing strange.

When I search TA for 4-5* hotels in Los Angeles I don't find any with 500+ reviews.....
TA and HOTWIRE are two diffrent things. The 500+ reviews is from HOTWIRE guests. The Sofitel got 300+ reviews form TA guests.

Please use the site's HOTWIRE link to start your purchase, and let us know how it goes or if you need any additional help with your stay.


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I'm not surpised the HOTWIRE rate showed $188/night...W had a rate that low ($189/night) on their website when I ran some searches a couple days ago. And you're getting close to the date you want to stay. If it has to be the W try their website although it's probably going to be pricer than HOTWIRE or PRICELINE

Intel I got from some friends in the business who held an event at the W Hollywood the other night is the door is kind of tight for its bars/clubs (but not ridiculously so), they liked the food & drinks & thought the atmosphere had not yet been ruined by the typical Hollywood in crowd. No one had booked a room so no intel yet on those to offer sorry.

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Thanks so much for all your input!!! Still deciding......

Now W on Hotwire is back down to $159, so debating just going for that.

However, on HOTWIRE today I see:

Beverly Hills - West Hollywood Hotel

4* $109

Boutique, Fitness, Pool, Restaurant, Internet

Any guesses as to if this is the Orlando or the Avalon ... or something else entirely?

And yes, I used the HOTWIRE link! :)

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Tried bidding on PRICELINE through the link here:

Bid 4* Hollywood at $115, rejected

added Culver City at $122, rejected

added Lawndale at $127, rejected

added Redondo at $132, rejected,

added Santa Monica at $135, rejected (yes, I realized that Santa Monica "should" have 4 stars, but so far none recently have been reported, so I risked it).

ARGH, no dice. Guess I just might have to go the traditional route, or do the W or Sofitel on HOTWIRE.

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However, on Hotwire today I see:

Beverly Hills - West Hollywood Hotel

4* $109

Boutique, Fitness, Pool, Restaurant, Internet

Any guesses as to if this is the Orlando or the Avalon ... or something else entirely?

These exact icons haven't been reported before but they're a subset of what's been reported for both the Orlando and Avalon. Hotwire isn't giving TripAdvisor stats with this listing now, so there's no basis for saying which hotel is more likely.
Now W on Hotwire is back down to $159
And now I see W back at $188!


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Decided I was tired of figuring out where I wanted to stay and how to get the best deal, so I went with the safe best deal bet....

Hotwire (used the link here)

4.5* $119 Beverly Hills - West Hollywood area hotel

Fitness, Pool, Restaurant, Business, Internet

Sofitel ... no surprise there!

Also signed up for the Accord A-Club membership card, will see if I can get an upgrade on check-in.

Thanks for your help!!!!


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