Priceline Hotel: Norfolk/VA Bch bidding assistance needed

By bturner13,

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Having considerable trouble getting a 2.5* or better in the Norfolk/VA Bch area (not including Downtown Norfolk or Portsmouth Zones) for 1 nite--3 June. I have taken bidding up to $70 with no bites! Not even a message to add $$ and PL would try again!! Is area of Tidewater Virginia just not participating in PL?

Any help would be appreciated! :)

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Well, that is strange. However, I can't help but wonder if there's some sort of herd effect with Priceline. If only one hotel in the area participates, then the process is not opaque for that hotel, and they might decide not to. If there are a bunch of hotels, then there is theoretical uncertainty, so more hotels might feel comfortable joining Priceline. But it might be difficult in some areas to make the jump from no hotels with Priceline to a bunch of hotels with Priceline.


Does that make any sense, or is that possible?

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It doesn't appear that there are too many 3* and 4* hotels in the area to begin with, and i'd think Labor Day begins their busy season (and inflated rates) until the end of the summer. I'd think that there is some hotel in the area that Priceline has a contract with since they offer that star level as a possibility (think about re-bidding and how we know if there are no hotels at that quality offered in the area), although the prices for the hotel may be absurdly expensive.

Doesn't seem to be too much of a selection with an Orbitz search, and what is there are Days Inn type properties at almost $100/nite!

Hotwire shows a 4* hotel in Virginia Beach for $83, which may not be too bad considering you were turned down for a 2.5* via Priceline at $70. Or you could stick with your low priced back-up and keep trying... still a little while before you need this reservation, but not too much, so stay on top of it.

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Got to do another trip to Norfolk VA. I need a hotel room in the ORF airport zone for the nite of Sat 20 Sept & the nite of Fri 26 Sept 03. The web prices for: 2 star LaQuinta is $45, Days Inn is $49, Ramada is $50. It is only me traveling so I want to keep it simple and cheap.

Would appreciate some bidding help. Tks! :)

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BT, this is what i'm thinking:

3* has 3 re-bids, 2.5* has 2 re-bids

For 3*....

Bid $25, $30, $35, $40

My thoughts are that a $40 + PL fee would just about equal the LaQuinta $45 rate, but you'd have the benefit of a better rated hotel. If you didn't want to go that high for 3*, you can adjust the numbers somewhat. There's a Hilton at the airport (which may be the 3*, but if it is, may go for more than the $40 mark)

For 2.5* try....

Bid $25, $28, $33

This area may be trickier than first thought, as i just checked Hotwire, and they want $93/nite for a 2* and $55 for a 1*.

Let us know how it goes... maybe you'll get a counter-offer somewhere in there to add some additional insight.

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