$19.99 rates at Extended Stay Hotels

By flyme2,

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My wife just got this offer for $19.99 rates at Extended Stay Hotels. A terrific offer for most major markets in the US. When was the last time you saw any hotel going for a rate that low? This is a practical solution for housing visiting relatives that might otherwise be...shall we say...a bit intrusive.

There's also another deal offering $20 off the going rate of any of their 570 properties.

Their brands are ExtendedStay America, Homestead Suites, Studio Plus Deluxe Studios and Crossland Studios.

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I just booked the Braintree (Boston area) ExtendedStay for 3 consecutive nights at the $19.99 rate. My wife and I will finish off our Christmas shopping in MA. BTW, this really is a great deal as Orbitz has the same room and dates for $84.99 a night. So I guess you could say we saved $195, or an extra present for someone special.

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Just returned from the Braintree Extended Stay Hotel. I'd never stayed at one of their properties before, and I was very satisfied with my experience. The staff was more than helpful and very friendly. Free parking, $5.95 daily wi-fi (great weekly and monthly rates available) and close to major shopping and dining options. Downtown Boston is a ten minute drive away on a Sunday morning. Any other time and you're at the mercy of the Big Dig, I-93 and leaky tunnels. With taxes, daily rate was $21.93. Rooms are not large, but make efficient use of the allocated space. These are not suites, but they do have kitchenettes with a full size fridge, microwave, 2 burner stovetop, toaster, coffee maker and enough utensils and cookware for 2 people. Surprisingly, shampoo and dish soap are not provided, and they will lend you a hair dryer upon request. I posted some photos at the Real Hotel Photos site.

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Looks nice for 20 bucks! BTW, how was the clientele? I don't want to sound snooty, but one of the nice things about staying in 3 star hotels on priceline (when all I really need is a decent 2 star to crash) is a better crowd hanging around the hotel. By that I mean my chances are lower for being next to a bunch of "students" partying into the night, or running into some creepy activities going on in the parking lot.

I've never stayed at a cheap extended stay property. How was the crowd?

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Thanks for posting the photos... as LoneStar mentions i think it gives many a first hand look at what one might expect from a 2* property (and exactly what to expect at this 2 property).

The only problem i could see myself having at an extended stay property is if they didn't have housekeeping services daily... while away from home i enjoy leaving my room in the morning and returning in the afternoon with my bed made :) Obviously this isn't a factor for a one nite stay such as this one was.

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The crowd: Middle America/Gov't Employees/Business Travelers/ME. I neither saw nor heard any students , partying or otherwise. I really don't think this type of property appeals to them as there isn't any on premises restaurant/bar/room service/pool.

Housekeeping: If you're paying a daily rate, housekeeping is done daily; If you're paying a weekly rate, housekeeping is done weekly except for replenishing of towels/supplies.

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I find this somewhat strange. I have been staying at the Minneapolis Homestead suites for basically the last several months through Priceline for $25 a night. I could also see it was available though Hotwire for about $30. This was also true for the Eagan location there. Now, all of a sudden, the hotels have disappeared from both Priceline and Hotwire. This is not an availability issue since it is regardless of date. It appears that some changes have been made with regard to participation in the program. Wonder if other locations have changed as well....

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