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  1. There is a large medical convention in town that weekend which is why there is limited availability for that weekend.
  2. Dates are 4/25-4/29 Amenities are Kitchenette and Laundry facility. Note that these are the SAME amenities listed for the Homestead Suites in this zone. I have never seen two hotels with Kitchenette/Laundry listed on Hotwire separately in this zone, so I can only assume that you CANNOT identify which one you are going to get until you purchase. They appear to list for the same price. So it's a gamble to choose this option. I was unaware that on Hotwire two hotels could be listed under the same option, but I think there is strong evidence that it is the case here.
  3. I always seem not to do well with Hotwire. Decided to give Hotwire a try since I assumed the 2* listed was for the Homestead Suites. I knew it was a risk, and it didn't pay off. Got the Extended Stay again, so looks like I am there for another week. Oh well. Total with taxes is $134.95 for 4 days. Will send in the Entertainment $30 rebate so it will only be $104.95, far less than I could have gotten anything on Priceline for. So at least that's good. Tried on Priceline up to $30 for 2.5 star in SW zone and Airport zone. The lowest I would assume this hotel is going for on priceline is $25 a night, which is $120 after taxes. So with the rebate, I am still ahead.
  4. I will report back on my bidding experience for next week. Homestead has showed up on Priceline for $28, that is $133.79 after tax for 4 nights Hotwire appears to have it for $31/night but taxes are much lower, or $138 for 4 nights. Hampton Inn has occasionally shown up in this zone during the week for $27, and it is great, but comes up infrequently. Extended Stay was $27, don't know what the minimum is. I am not sure best option for next week, but will let you know what happens!
  5. Have stayed multiple times at Homestead Suites Eden Prairie at $28 a night, and was very surprised to see this come up. I can report it is not as nice as the Homestead EP. I now see from other posts that Extended Stay is also now showing up in Eagan, making bidding more unpredictable in both of these areas. This will greatly affect my bidding in these two zones. Extended Stay America Minneapolis/Eden Prairie Minneapolis Southwest 7550 Office Ridge Circle Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344 952-941-1113 Your Offer Price: $27.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 4 Subtotal: $108.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $20.93 Total Charges: $128.93
  6. I have gotten the Homestead Suites many times for $27 in Eagan. I would start my bidding there.
  7. I find this somewhat strange. I have been staying at the Minneapolis Homestead suites for basically the last several months through Priceline for $25 a night. I could also see it was available though Hotwire for about $30. This was also true for the Eagan location there. Now, all of a sudden, the hotels have disappeared from both Priceline and Hotwire. This is not an availability issue since it is regardless of date. It appears that some changes have been made with regard to participation in the program. Wonder if other locations have changed as well....
  8. Trying to bid on a hotel in Zurich and one in Paris for next week. I know I can get both through the US site but so far the bid have been rejected (just not high enough). Would there be any price advantage to bidding though the UK site? Or do they have access to the same inventory/price? Anyone know?
  9. Was the new amount reflected when you clicked purchase? I don't like when you apply coupons on the very last page. It makes me very nervous!
  10. Embassy Suites Hotel Tampa-Airport/Westshore Tampa Airport (TPA) & Westshore 555 North Westshore Blvd Tampa, Florida 33609 813-875-1555 Your Offer Price: $47.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 2 Subtotal: $94.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $18.89 Total Charges: $112.89 First bid of $45 rejected, added free rebid, accepted at $47.
  11. I am trying to figure out a hotel near the capital. When I search on Hotwire, it comes up with a 3.5* with the following amenities: Restaurant, Fitness center, High Speed Internet, Laundry Facility for $58 a night. Any thoughts? I can't figure out what it would be, but it is certainly a good price. Date of Search is Feb 8-9th (1 night only)
  12. Thanks for the great info on this site I was able to secure this hotel. Although there are cheaper (and some nicer) hotels through Priceline, I have a meeting at the Fairmont and I knew this was very close by. Here are the details 4* Sheraton Hotel and Towers Mag Mile Wacker Drive Customer Favorite Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Business $84 Thanks again!
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