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Pittsburgh event alert, G-20 summit, Steeler Season starts

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I noticed a few people asking why they were having bids rejected that usually would win.

First, the Steelers are back in action, so you might want to look at the 2009 Schedule before bidding on downtown hotels, that will come into play. I've still had good luck during Steeler games getting deals at 2.5 to 3.5* out at the airport, but downtown and Greentree are going to be tougher.


Pittsburgh is hosting the G-20 Summit September 24-25, 2009... There are delegations from dozens of countries coming to Pittsburgh that have reserved HUGE blocks of rooms in ALL of the major Pgh motels. Then of course with the throngs of news media, politicians, etc., those dates, and probably some dates straddling those dates, are going to make finding a hotel within close proximity to Pgh more of a chore.

Your best bet will be to avoid Pgh those dates if you're looking for a budget trip, or any trip really, unless you want to be part of the madness that will be the G-20 summit...

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