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Priceline Hotel: 2.5* Seattle (Lynnwood-Edmonds) Courtyard Marriott

By mikkirm,

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Sort of won on first bid (total history below :) ):

Check-In Date: Fri, Nov 19, 2004

Check-Out Date: Sun, Nov 21, 2004

Your Offer Price: $34.00

Number of Rooms: 1

Number of Nights: 2

Subtotal: $68.00

Taxes & Service Fees: $16.50

Total Charges: $84.50

I started to offer $36, like I did on my September stay, but when I didn't get a warning about bidding too low, I hit the "previous" button and lowered it by $2 a night. I still didn't get the warning, but decided not to push my luck. :)

This bid was a "restart," after failing to get the 3-star Embassy Suites. History on that bid:

Bid $45 - not accepted

Added Northgate, bid $50 - not accepted

Added Lake Union, bid $52 - not accepted.

I stopped there, even though I had another freebie, because I didn't want to pay any more than that. I was very happy with the Courtyard on my last stay (and the other two 2 1/2 star hotels in the area also seem to be okay), and since I am by myself and it's just two nights, don't really need a suite. The only other benefit of Embassy Suites is the free breakfast, but for the difference in price (not sure how much it would have ultimately cost, but probably at least $55), I can buy my own breakfast. :o

Used SB link, as always.


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Thank you for sharing your win with the board... and for placing your bid thru the SavingsBarn

I think you did right by not getting wrapped up in all the 'free' perks of the Embassy Suites... which as my wife will often point out, "They're not free... they're included! :) While the perks at the Embassy Suites certainly are a nice treat, it is important to remember that there is a price tag attached and very often we can get this 'a la carte' at another hotel and still pay less than a hotel that would otherwise include these perks.

Have a great stay.

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Exactly. The Courtyard has a perfectly good buffet breakfast for $10, and because these hotels are located in the heart of Lynnwood's business area, there are lots of restaurants around where I can get a breakfast for far less than the $21 or so that it would cost to bid on ES.

Plus, I know that the Courtyard has very good (and "included" :) ) high speed internet, as well, which is a nice plus for keeping in touch with friends while on the road.

I'll only do a brief review on my stay this time, since it's the same hotel. I'll just note the differences (if any) in room and/or service.


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