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  1. The Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh South is approximately eight miles south of Pittsburgh, in Bethel Township. It is right across from a good- sized mall, and near a
  2. The Independence Residence Inn is located approximately 7 miles south of Cleveland, just off I-77. It is in a business district, with office complexes (including medical) and several other hotels. However, it
  3. The Marriott Pittsburgh Airport is located approximately 7 miles east of the airport, just off Highway 60. I had no problem finding it; the exit is to your almost immediate right upon exiting the highway (Exit 2. There is plenty of free parking. The hotel is a nice, mid-level business hotel. It has the basic business amenities, including a 24-hour business center, a gym, and a single restaurant and bar (plus a coffee bar). Had no problems with check in. I was offered my choice of a king or double room. I took the king, on the 11th floor. The room was just off the elevator entry hall, but
  4. Aaaand, the last one for this trip :) : Another first bid win (sigh). Still, it's less than half the price at the hotel's website. I just love playing the game, though, especially when I have two free rebids available. However, this was the hotel I was hoping I'd get, since it's right next to a decent mall. Um, I mean, conveniently located to areas I need to access, of course. Anyway, here are the particulars: Crowne Plaza Hotel Pittsburgh South 1 night, at $45 Fees/Taxes: $13.68 Total Room Cost: $$58.68 Again, I used the SavingsBarn.com link. In addition, I made a rental car reser
  5. Got this on the first bid ( :) I hate that when that happens!). Here are the particulars: Residence Inn Independence: 1 night at $50 Fees/taxes: $15.19 Total Hotel: $65.19 I think this is a new option for Priceline 2.5* in this area (it's not on the BB list). Hotwire's best option at this star level was $64, which is why I thought I'd take a shot on Priceline before going with Hotwire. I used the Savingsbarn link to start this bid. :)
  6. You're right, I missed the "tennis" amenity. :) That's okay, I don't play tennis, anyway. :) I was mostly just looking for a really nice hotel reasonably close to the airport, since I'm flying in from Alaska and figured I would be too tired to mess with driving very far that first night, so the Marriott works just as well. I'll make sure to do a review of the hotel after my stay.
  7. Amenities: Airport Shuttle, Fitness Center, Pool, Restaurant, Business Center, High Speed Internet Access Customer Favorite 1 room at $69 per night Taxes and fees: $16.25 Hotel Total: $85.25 I was kind of hoping for the Hyatt, but this looks like a nice hotel as well, and the price is great. You may want to note that Hotwire has bumped it to a 3.5* (it's on the hotel list as a 3*). I used the Better Bidding HOTWIRE link to start my bid. I'll be making two more one-night hotel reservations (one in Cleveland, another somewhere in the Pittsburgh area that I haven't decided on yet--it's a long
  8. I stayed here for two nights, 2/11-12. This is a very large convention hotel. The public areas are very nice, and seem to have been relatively recently renovated. The hotel was reasonably convenient, within about 3 1/2 blocks of the Dupont Circle Metro stop. (It was bitterly cold when I was there, so those 3 1/2 blocks seemed longer than they really were!) There are a lot of restaurants and shops in the area, including a good-sized drug store about a block and a half away. I arrived at the hotel a little after 1pm, and was able to check in right away. My room was 6170, on the 6th floor a
  9. Bidding history: Bid 4-star DuPont at $85 - failed Added White House and upped bid to $90 - failed Lowered to 3-star, lowered bid to $80 - bid accepted for Hilton Washington (this is the one at 1919 Connecticut Avenue). Total: $160/2 nights plus $30.94 taxes/fees = $190.94 Price for this room elsewhere was $259 a night, so I'm happy. Of course, since I got it on my first bid at the 3-star level, I'll always wonder if I could have gotten it cheaper! :) Used SavingsBarn link to bid. I'll post a review upon my return. This is my first time in DC (except a one-day whirlwind "monuments" t
  10. I have been trying for the past couple of weeks to get a 2.5* in Lynnwood, with no success. My highest bid, using free rebids in University-Northgate, Lake Union, and Bothell was $61. As I could guarantee getting the Best Western in Lynnwood for $74 through BW's website, I decided not to bid higher in Priceline (with the Priceline fee of about $5 a night my bid equalled $66 a night, or only an $8 a night savings). All the hotels in Lynnwood are relatively expensive for this time period, so there just may be nothing available in Priceline at any real bargain. I did use BetterBidding's Best We
  11. Courtyard is showing a price of $119 a night, which is higher than normal. (Oddly, Embassy Suites is showing $99 a night, when it is usually really expensive; perhaps their business reservations are down for that weekend). Best Western is showing their normal $60 corporate rate. If you bump it up now, you could probably get Best Western for $45, since that's what I've gotten it for the last two times I've bid the area (and both times Best Western showed a $60 corp. rate). In fact, I'm staying there November 13-17 at that rate. You may want to wait a week or so, and see if the Courtyard r
  12. Your Offer Price: $45.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 4 Subtotal: $180.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $34.95 Total Charges: $214.95 History: Lynnwood, bid $38 - failed (was offered $11 counterbid, which I declined) added University, bid $43 - failed added Bothell, bid $43 again - failed added Lake Union, bid $45 - accepted for Best Western That's what I got it for earlier this year, so not a big surprise. It's a nice hotel, in a good location. I hope they have their in-room internet up and running, though, as opposed to earlier this summer. Lowest rate for this hotel at other consoli
  13. I attempted a Priceline bid earlier today (9/25). Instead of getting a yes or no, the message said that Priceline was still looking, and to check back in about 15 minutes. When I checked back about a half-hour later, there was no record of my bid being received. Two hours later, still no reply from Priceline, and the bid does not show up in the "My Trips" section. When I attempted to enter the bid number, it is shown as not being a correct number. :) Has this happened to anyone here? If so, what was the outcome? I did email Priceline about it, but I don't expect to hear from them unti
  14. I'm not the OP, but yes, this is the Sheraton at (approximately) 2nd and Walnut. I stayed here a couple of years ago (thru Priceline). Michelle
  15. I did reviews for my two stays at the Courtyard last year (they are in the reviews section). Good property, clean rooms, high-speed internet connection in the room (wireless was spotty, but the wired version worked great). Don't eat breakfast there, though. There are lots of places along the "main drag" that are cheaper and better.
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