Las Vegas one exception i don't use Priceline

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Las Vegas is one place where i don't recommend using priceline since the zone "Strip Area" included hotels that are NOT on the strip. As well, there are often some great deals available directly thru the hotels and non-opaque consolidators. I would not use Priceline in this area unless:

1) I'm trying for the 5* Venetian (as of this writing, the Venetian is the only 5* hotel we've seen awarded thru Priceline, and i don't know of any non-strip hotels that could also be rated 5* (except Bellagio, which i'd also be happy getting)... still a slight risk in doing so, but a risk i'm willing to accept)


2) I'll be content staying at a property off the main part of the strip (not usually the case for my Las Vegas trips)

3) There were no other deals available

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I can think of only one 4* rated or above hotel that is not on the Strip yet in the PL strip zone, the Westin. Since priceline redifined the zone to move the Rio to the west of strip zone bidding 3* is now "safer" for those who want on the strip. However, I never bid 3* in the strip zone because of the high variation in quality of rooms at the Flamingo, which priceline (in my view) overrates as a 3*.

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As Priceline has re-defned zones, i would now consider using Priceline for Las Veags, although i still think i would sooner use Hotwire if i had a good idea of the property being offered.

HOWEVER, the Westin is still a Priceline risk at the 4* level in the Las Vegas Strip zone as it is not in what most consider 'the strip'. While this hotel is very new, it's not what most consider to be 'the strip'.

As well, be carrefull bidding 3* on the Las Vegas Strip as you could always be upgraded to a 4* hotel (and end up at the Westin).

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How far "off the strip" is the Westin?  Is it as far from the strip as the Palms and the Rio or is it closer than that?  Thanks for all the help!

The Westin is roughly a 7 minute walk to the strip.

My husband and I stayed at the Westin in July '04 - BIG disappointment. I've stayed at many Westin hotels and have loved them, but this one was a let down. It's close to the strip so that's good, but it didn't look new to us at all. Maybe it's a newly-acquired building, but the building itself isn't new. My husband loved the casino though - VERY small but not crowded and he won more times there than anywhere else.

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A lot depends upon your dates, midweek vs. weekends, a combination of the two, and seasonality factors.

You can start with our Las Vegas Checker Tool, as well as EasyClickTravel and QUICKBOOK, but the best bet (pun intended :) ) is to post the dates of your stay and your budget (in the NEVADA>>PRICELINE section of the board) and we can usually assist in finding you a suitable deal.

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I really liked the renovated Westin as a hotel (although there are better hotels to be had in LV). You can get a published rate for not much more than the PL rate, unlike PL stays you will 1) collect SPG points (if you are into such things), and 2) have the opportunity to be comped based on your play there.

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