Priceline Hotel: Same Hotels at "Name your own Price" as in regular Priceline

By prea,

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Hello there!

I am looking for a 5* Hotel in Las Vegas, and checked that on regular Priceline listing there are four of them, all on the north side of The Strip.

They are: The Venetian, Trump Hotel, Palazzo Resort, and Winn.

However, when I go to the "Name your own Price" area, it lists that there are 5* Hotels on the "Las Vegas Strip Vicinity South" as well.

How can that be? Do they have Hotels at the "Name your own price" area that they don't show on their regular listings?

Thanks and regards,


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Priceline's "Retail Product" vs. "Name Your Own Price"

Priceline's "Buy It Now" (ie- non-opaque, retail, etc) product and the "Name Your Own Price" (ie- opaque, bidding, etc) product use different sets of hotels. All hotels that participate in their retail product do not necessarily participate in their opaque product, and vice-versa. There is a fair amount of overlap, but it is very risky to assume that you will get a given hotel based upon the information in Priceline's non-opaque product.


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Given the great supply of Hotel rooms in Las Vegas, and that it should hardly be sold out in a May midweek, is it correct to infer that I'd have a bigger chance of having a lower bid accepted if I waited to bid closer to my date of travel?

I am going to Las Vegas on May 17th to 20th by the way, and I'm aiming at getting a 5* Hotel on the Strip. I've seen here some bids around $75 accepted, and that's pretty much what I'm looking for. Any suggestions?

Thanks and regards,


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Yes, the accepted bids generally were for The Trump. But none of them matched my dates yet.

This will be my first time in Vegas, so I don't know much about the Hotels there. For the complanits I've seen about The Trump, I think it is ok for me, yes.

However, if you do have some advise, I'd be glad to hear it...

I'll be travelling with my wife, by car, from LA and to Yosemite Park. Planning on going to some Cirque du Soleil shows there, and making a day trip to Grand Cannion.

Regarding the Hotel, I am looking for a good one located on/near the Strip. Initially I'd rather get a 5*, but I don't want to spend more than $80 per night, so I won't mind having to downgrade to a nice 4* Hotel.

I just realized that, as I'll have a car, parking is an issue... Do you know if Hotels on the Strip provide free parking for their guests?


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It is not a correct to assume that prices will be lower closer to your dates. If something is going on in Vegas on these dates, when it gets closer to your trip, you could be looking at higher prices and you wouldn't have a room. While prices have the chance of coming down, that's definitely not a 100% certainty, and there have been many instances of people I've helped who've waited to book and then when their dates of travel got near, they were frantic because they didn't book and prices were higher or much higher.

Long story short, waiting to book is a risk. Much like Vegas, it's a bet that may pay off or not.

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All hotel on the strip have FREE parking. However, if you are on the strip in a nice 4* or 5* hotel (especially Caesar's Palace) DO NOT use valet!!! Places like Caesar's Palace have a scam running on valet where they will literally take up to an HOUR to get you your car... I know cause I went through it... and I know it's a scam because when some guy pulled out a $100, they MAGICALLY got his car in 5 minutes! You could imagine how pissed the rest of us were.

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