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  1. Didn't know about the Support Page... I`ll do that next time. Thanks!
  2. Hi! I ended up getting a better deal from Expedia.com. Got the NYLO for $271, but was able to pay directly in Brazilian Currency, which is way better for me. Thanks again for all the tips and advices!
  3. Yeah, I do need to be in this area. So I guess I'll have to take it, before it goes higher... Well, thanks for your help, and I'll let you know what I decide! One last question: both Lucerne and NYLO are good Hotels, right? Any preferences? Thanks again!
  4. Yes, it shows exactly that, thanks! Do you think this rate is apropriate for this period, or it is possible to get something lower? I mean, what would be a price range for this kind of Hotel in this location?
  5. Sorry I didn't close the cycle here. I ended up canceling the wholle trip, so didn't find out which Hotel was it. Thanks anyway for the assistance!
  6. Please, help ID 4* Upper West Side Jun/21 - 26 Free Internet, Fitness Center, Restaurants, Business Center, Self-service Laundry From $272 to $216 _________________________ And also 4* Boutique Upper West Side Jun/21 - 26 Internet Access, Fitness Center, Restaurants, Business Center, Self-service Laundry, Pet Friendly, Boutique, Smoke free rooms From $307 to $245 Thanks! I`m using the Hotwire Link.
  7. No. Just those I mentioned before: fitness center restaurant(s) internet access I didn't mention I'm booking the room for only one adult. Don't know if it changes anything. Does it? Now, it is showing another property I`d like your help to identify as well: 4* ESB - 3/6 to 3/9 @ $137 amenities: boutique smoke free fitness center restaurant(s) business center internet access This hotel charges a resort fee of about $27.54 per room per nightThanks and regards
  8. I was referring to the one on my post. I can still see it as avaiable, can't you? I'll try again the way you informed... Thanks!
  9. Funny thing... I have no problem with this property. It is still avaiable, and now with the message that the last person got the warwick new york hotel. On the other hand I can't access the other property with hotwire easy view. I get a message that "we couldn't process your request". Thanks for the help anyway!
  10. Help ID - 4* midtown central - 3/6 to 3/9 @ $136 amenities: fitness center restaurant(s) internet access thanks and regards!
  11. Got the St Petersburg Marriott Clearwater (3*) for $56. May 16th to 17th. Paid up to $80 for 4* and $70 for 3*, same zone, and got nothing. Used PRICELINE link. Thanks for your help!
  12. I'm actually going to watch a Tampa Bay Rays baseball match, and I just found out that the Stadium is not really in Tampa, but in St. Petersburg. Busch Gardens is just an idea to spend the day yet. So I guess I'll have to decide whether to get a Hotel in Tampa or in St Petersburg. Regarding the third person in the room, my daughter is a 2-year old, so I'm thinking that won't be a problem. I'll check out prices on HOTWIRE as well, though. Thanks for the advice! I'm thinking 4* Hotel at about $50... do you think it's findable? I'll use the links for sure. Thanks!
  13. Hello there! I am going to spend one night in Tampa during my Florida Vacation trip and I wonder where would be a nice area to stay. I'll be going with my wife and daughter to spend the day at Busch Gardens, and to watch a baseball match as well. Could anyone give me a hand, pls? We've never been there so no idea which area to look for a hotel... Thanks and regards!
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