Most comfortable for the Buck??

By rjpear,

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Hi Folks..Newbie here!!.. I was wondering..The last time I took a flight to London was my Honeymoon back in 1994.. On British Air. And we flew coach..which I assume most of us do. But on my return trip, when I had to sit rows away from my wife to late check in.. I said I would neer fly Coach again...I am 6'3, 260 lbs and the seats are not made for me!!

Can anyone recommend a carrier that has opened things up a bit for the Lower end tourist class. I see British Air has the Neat business class seating, but I cannot justify doubling the cost of the flight just for 6 hours of comfort.. Geez..thats my hotel bill..

Thanks for any input!

(looking to go back to England this Fall)


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It's easier to have a better experience in coach when you have "status" - one of the perks that American Airlines gives its elite members is the right to book exit and bulkhead seats. Other passengers can try to get them at check in (go early).

American has "more room throughout coach", but frankly I've flown both AA and Continental to Europe and if I weren't flying regularly, I think Continental is a bit better even with less seat room (but I'm only 5'10). For repeat flyers, AA's elite has a lot better chance of upgrading than CO's.

Some places I would look for lots of information are www.flyertalk.com - a great (but large!) site on travel and www.seatguru.com - which can tell you more than you ever wanted to know about which seat to try for on your flight.

The best coach class I ever flew was Singapore Airlines, but your choices are limited; from the US they only fly to Amsterdam and Frankfurt as a connecting flight to Singapore.

Whatever you do, book an aisle seat! Bon voyage!

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Some people would advise booking an exit row seat, but keep in mind those seats are often a bit narrower than standard coach.

I had a great experience on Air Canada's Airbus lately. Not only did my knees not scrape the seat in front of me, as is usually the case, I had several inches of knee clearance. Even my son who is several inches taller than me was comfortable. (He's still shorter than you, however.) Plus, we had the good fortune of each having aisle seats in a bank of 4 seats, with the middle two being empty! Sadly, this experience was not repeated when we returned and were flying on a Boeing. The problem is that you can choose a flight based on the plane, but it's always possible the airline will change this plane.

The ideal situation would be if you and your wife both got center aisle seats, with the middle seat(s) empty.

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BA has been the best in coach the past few flights for me. Much better than any U.S. carrier, LH and (the worse airline in the world) Air France. BA even has foot rests in coach! We flew LH recently and were disappointed; nothing different from US Scare or UA or other U.S. carrier. Air France...well, I won't go into details but I'll never again fly them for intra-Europe flights.

I like Thai and SG too, but I have not been on them in a couple years.

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