Priceline Hotel: Staying Seattle Jan 24-29 Need Parking

By alaskaseth,

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I need a hotel with parking from Jan 24-29 in Seattle. Can spend up to 65-70.00 a night. Can be located at the airport, downtown or Lake Union. I was wondering if anyone had any bidding recommendations. I don't want to get stuck with an additional 30 bucks a night for parking once I check in. Thanks!

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Welcome to BetterBidding, alaskaseth.

Unfortunately the three zones you named are the ones where pay parking is most likely.

Most hotels in Downtown and Lake Union zones charge for parking.

Some 3* in the Airport zone charge for parking and some don't. I think $18 is the most any Airport hotel charges. If you win a 3* at the Airport for $45-50 and pay $18 to park (worst case) you'll still be under your $70 limit.

There are some zones you didn't mention where free parking is very likely. University-Northgate, Renton, Bothell, and Lynnwood-Edmonds, for example.

Can you say anything more about the purpose of your trip, anything that might help us suggest what will work best for you? Do you want to be near a certain part of town?

Also, given the choice would you prefer a 3* at your $70 limit with parking included or a 2* or 2.5* for a lower price?

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I think you pretty well have to stay away from downtown or Lake Union, unless you get a very specific Hotwire identifier and you know you are OK with the parking cost. I assume you don't want to park in a nearby lot?

Even at the airport, at 3* hotels, you may get a $16 per night charge.

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Thanks for the information.

The location only matters in that the areas I listed are the ones I am familiar with around Seattle. I know University-Northgate so I'll look into that area as well.

I'd prefer to stay in the 3* up range even if I have to pay for parking. I figure (maybe not correctly) that if I'm not going to know the hotel before I bid I have a better chance of getting something decent if I stay in the 3* range.

I'll be attending the Seattle Gift Show for a few days. Then a few days of relaxation and play. I'll have a rental car that I'll be filling with stuff to ship back to Alaska.



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The Gift Show is at the Downtown Convention Center, so I think a Downtown or Lake Union hotel would be more convenient for you than the Airport, but of course it's up to you.

If these 2 alternative were available which would you prefer:

3* Airport for $45 with $18/night parking


3* Downtown or Lake Union for $65 with $30/night parking

I don't know those exact choices are available but your answer will help me understand your priorities. Then I'll give strategy.

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I should mention Renton-Kent zone too. It's right next to the Airport zone, and Renton-Kent has several 3* hotels--Doubletree, Holiday Inn, Courtyard--most if not all with free parking, and sometimes it's cheaper than Airport zone. More restaurants and shopping in Renton-Kent too.

I'll give a strategy for the lowest 3* in either Renton-Kent or Airport zones. If you don't want Renton-Kent then skip the first step and start at $40 in Airport zone.

When bidding 3* in Seattle you have two free rebid zones, Everett and North Everett. Everett and North Everett only have 2.5* hotels or less. Things can change any time so confirm there's no 3* offered in Everett or North Everett just before you bid. I suggest:

Select 3* in Renton-Kent and bid $36.

Add Airport and bid $40.

Add Everett at $42 and North Everett at $45.

These are kind of lowball bids but you have enough time to try them.

Ask if you have any questions and please start your bids with this PRICELINE link.

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I see two problems with bidding in the Airport zone:

1. The airport is a long ways from downtown, and it will seem even longer if you have to make the drive between the two during rush hour. The commute would probably be tolerable if you were only staying a night or two, but five nights is another story.

2. If you decide to stay near the airport or anywhere else outside of downtown Seattle, what do you intend to do with your car once you get downtown to attend the Gift Show? You can probably get a good rate for day parking on the weekend, but during the week you could end up paying almost as much as you'd pay to park at a downtown hotel.

I don't know enough about your itinerary or downtown parking rates in Seattle to give you a definitive answer about what option is best for you. However, if you're attending a convention downtown and decide to stay elsewhere to save money on parking, just remember to factor in the total cost of commuting (including gas, downtown parking, and your time) into your calculations.

If you intend to spend most of your time in downtown Seattle, I recommend that you first bid for a 3* or better in the Downtown - Pike Place zone. If you can get something for $60 or less, I think that would be your best option in terms of overall value. If you're going to spend your R&R time elsewhere, you might want to consider splitting your bid: spend the days that you'll be attending the Gift Show at a downtown hotel, and spend the other days at a hotel in another zone to save money on parking. Just remember that you'll pay a second Priceline fee if you do that.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I'm planning the trip so no driving will be done during rush hours. Sleep late and stay out late type of plan. The gift show validates parking so that won't be an issue. Splitting the days between a downtown hotel and Renton hotel isn't such a bad idea. We do plan to shop a lot at Ikea and Costco so I'm leaning toward Renton now for the last 2 days.

Thanks again for all the tips and hints.



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