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By JackBauer,

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Hey everyone.

I'm traveling to Michigan in early Feb... And as anyone in the north knows, traveling in the winter can be a challenge.

I'm a bit worried about flights being canceled - and not being able to reach my destination on the date intended... Hence the hotel room I hope to reserve on Priceline may end up being useless. I expect to pay in the $55-$60, plus taxes and fees.

I can't tell from the Priceline website if a weather related cancellation would qualify - it strangely doesn't mention the word "weather" in it. It's only $5.

I'm wondering what most people would do... Would you pay $5 to insure what probably would cost $70? In general insurance is for something you cannot afford to replace. I can afford to lose $70 - but the issue here is the odds. There is a real possibility of huge flight problems that time of year.

So I'm just interested in any advice you all can give.

Thanks :)

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Travel Arrangement Protection

Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption: If you or your traveling companion has to cancel or interrupt your trip due to a covered reason (e.g., unforeseen sickness, injury, illness or death) the cost of your hotel room purchased through this site will be reimbursed. Travel Insurance is for emergency situations such as those described above only, and cannot be used to cover the cost of a trip that is cancelled for any other reason. Please see the Description of Coverage for full details.

The above statement is directly from PRICELINE about their trip insurance, and in my opinion I think weather related issues would NOT be covered.

It seems like it's only for medical emergencies of the people that are travelling, and would not be applicable if someone other than that had a medical emergency.

It seems pretty limited for $5. In my eyes, the actual worth of this protection is in the pennies. It's just far too limited.

And I don't know where you are located, but it's only valid for US residents. Us purchasers from Canada or other countries are out of luck anyways.

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The insurance doesn't cover bad weather. But Priceline has been known to give full refunds for weather related reasons, although they don't have a written policy stating they'll do so, to my knowledge.

I've gotten a refund from Priceline when the fog in California's Central Valley was too heavy for me to drive another 50 miles to my hotel. The CHP temporarily closed the freeway and I didn't know how long the closure would last.

For a February reservation in Michigan you'd probably need something like a cancelled flight or airport closure to get a refund. "There's a lot of snow" won't be enough.

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Ok thanks guys...

I had read Priceline's travel insurance document and was surprised there was no mention of weather... It just seemed bizarre. I am glad I did not misinterpret it.

I'm planning on going unless weather prevents it - as in one of the airports between here and there closes down delaying my flight a day. So I guess I'm covered.

Thanks :)

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Here's Priceline's "Severe Weather Event Policy", from their FAQ:

Severe Weather Event Policies

In the event of a hurricane or other severe weather event, we will work with our travel partners to provide assistance for customers as outlined below.

Hotels/Rental Cars/Tours and Attractions

If a weather event occurs close to your travel date, we recommend that you contact your provider directly to determine if they are open for business and will honor your reservation.

If the provider indicates that they are not open, or for any concern about a reservation in an area impacted by a weather event, please contact us for assistance. Depending on the severity of the weather event and the areas impacted, requests to change or cancel your reservation may be granted.

If a change or cancel is allowed, we will also will waive our associated fees.

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On the page after you select your zone, star rating, and enter your bid price and name, you're shown a "reivew" of what you selected... at the bottom of that page a checkbox (not selected by default) which you can click if you want insurace:

Purchase Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance

Check here to cover yourself in the event of unforeseen illness and injury for only $5.00 per room per night

Please use these PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links to begin your travel purchases.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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