Priceline Hotel: Davenport, IA 7/3/09-7/6/09

By rmsmith,

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I know it's early but I'm going to a wedding in Davenport on July 4th. It's at the Radisson Quad City plaza. Would really like to land this one since the little one is going. that way if she's too fussy we can just take her upstairs to the room. I know the board shows a Marriott with the same * rating in the quad city area but I do not see it on Mariott's website.

I was wondering if anyone has any info that the Marriott in the quad city area has indeed closed or been renamed.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm going to guess it's a mis-entry as i can't find any posts on the board for this property. However, i'll caution that this zone is not bid very often, so there could be others and you wouldn't be bidding on just the Radisson.

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Let us know what you decide and when you're ready to proceed and we'll try to advise accordingly.

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i only found it by doing a forum search for radisson quad city in the iowa forum. it was YEARS ago.(03)

i've looked the at the hotel list and it doesn't seem the radisson quad city is available on hotwire. but it is listed on priceline.

Davenport (Davenport Quad City)

3* Marriott Quad City Plaza--

3* Radisson Quad City Plaza Hotel REVIEW

that's from the hotel list here. While i know that isn't set in stone it's a good guideline.

here is the link for the person that had the last win.

Radisson Quad City Plaza

for some reason when i used the insert: topic link it wouldn't work.

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I was wondering if that happened too(someone reported a courtyard win as Marriott) I'll report any bidding, it may be a couple of weeks before i do get around to bidding (lots to holiday travelling going on right now).

As always, thanks for your help, and thanks for the site!

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I've checked Priceline's retail listings in Davenport for various random dates and the Radisson is the only hotel I've found that Priceline rates 3*.

If you bid on Priceline I think the Radisson will be the likely outcome, if anything. Never any guarantee though. And it may be too early to bid for July 2009 dates. If you decide to take a chance I'd suggest about 35-40% of Radissson's retail price to start.

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Thanks Colfax,

30-50% is about what i was hoping to save, if i got that i'd be doing back flips while juggling flaming bowling pins.

I think we will take a chance at the Radisson on Priceline and I'll report my bidding after we get back from the holidays.


Since this area is bidded on so infrequently I'm sure you probably can't give any bidding assistance. But if you could that'd be great.

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