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Priceline Hotel: 2* Seattle (Downtown) Springhill Suites

By WillTravel,

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Bid through SavingsBarn.com .

I tried up to $55 for 9/3 - 9/6, and $55 for 9/3 - 9/5. I decided to bid the night of 9/5 by itself. $45 was my first bid. I was hopeful this would give me the Springhill Suites, a quite underrated hotel in my opinion and it includes breakfast.

I tried "Add a night" in hopes of getting 9/4, but was told there was no availability.

Last year (hard to believe it's that long ago), I was trying to bid this same Labor Day weekend, and only got 2 of the 3 nights I needed via Priceline, for different hotels. I started a little earlier this year.

The lowest price on Hotwire for a downtown area hotel for is $101.

I might just have to accept that I have to do a higher bid for 9/3 - 9/5. The Bumbershoot festival and a Mariner's game (I suspect) make this pretty challenging.

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What the heck, I decided to try a $45 bid for 9/3 also and again got the Springhill Suites. That leaves a hole in the middle of course.

I know this will mean we have to change twice when I get something for 9/4 (even if it's the hostel again), but we know Seattle pretty well and don't mind walking and taking the bus. My daughter is very happy with this hotel.

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Thanks for the report.

I thought maybe after your Europe trip you were so accustomed to sleeping in hotels you just decided to book something to get away again. :)

Keep us updated on your middle nite... hopefully it'll be something 'next door' or 'across the street'.

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Actually we have a long weekend here now but I turned down this golden opportunity to go to Portland, because I just couldn't face the long trip to get there!

My daughter insists on the Bumbershoot Festival every year: http://www.bumbershoot.org

The Springhill Suites has no availability for 9/4 on their web site. I am reserving the "Add a night" feature until the last possible moment, just in case something opens up.

In the meantime, I reserved the (cancellable) hostel near Pike's Place Market - a fair distance away from the Springhill Suites, but near a spot we want to revisit anyway.

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I discovered that you can't add a night to a reservation that is more than 30 days old. I discovered this on the last possible day, but it failed anyway. No surprise, since Springhill Suites still does not have any availability for that date on the web site.

All subsequent bids in the last month - up to $65 for a 2* in Downtown Seattle or Lake Union, and up to $70 for a 2.5* in Downtown Seattle - have been rejected.

Looks like the hostel will win out barring last minute luck.

At roomsaver.com I found a $69/night rate for the Sixth Avenue Inn, which I had previously won on Priceline (and have reported here last year). The coupon is supposed to be good for this time period, but when I phoned, the hotel was all booked up for that night.

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