Transportation from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami

By bmegla00,

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I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for transportation from Ft. Lauderdale airport to Miami Beach. I am flying into Ft. Lauderdale because Southwest doesn't fly to Miami. I am staying in Miami for 3 nights and then going on a 5 day Caribbean cruise and flying back the day the cruise arrives. What is the cheapest form of transportation from Ft. Lauderdale airport to Miami Beach? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Rent a car from Thrifty or Alamo. Both companies will shuttle you from the Miami airport facility to the port of Miami when you drop off the car. The added bonus is the fact that in Florida, there are no drop off charges for rental cars. It applies to all car rentals as long as both the pickup and dropoff city are within the state. You may want to look around the net for various coupon codes, discounts etc.....

I happened to book a convertible in South Florida for $36/day after linking directly from Delta's website to Thrifty for a pre-cruise over Labor Day Weekend. (Economy cars were $24) In the end, just find a rate/car class you are comfortable with, and don't worry about a drop-off charge, because there will not be one!


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I was going to suggest TriRail, which is a local train that runs between Miami and West Palm Beach, but since you are going on a cuise and probably have TONS of luggage, I wouldn't recommend this... You'd have to catch a bus from FLL airport to the TriRail station in Fort Lauderdale and then take the train to some point in Miami from where you'd catch a cab... If you're a masochist, you could still check it out at www.tri-rail.com.

Enjoy your stay in beautiful South Florida!

DeltaPurser :)

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I live in Miami Beach and i think tmost are all bad ideas, you don't want a car here AND the port is within sneezin distance of MB, whereas the Airport is really far away.

Supershuttle will bring you right here and i don't know how pricey it is but (i know from Miami - $16.00 but that doesn't help you.)

Tri rail works, but it requires a lot of changes and would be a big hassle at the end of a trip. and often it skips an hour between leaving so could add hours onto trip.

I don't know about FL Limo, never seen or heard of that.

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I live in Miami Beach.

FLL is about 1 hour from Miami. Public transportation between Miami and FLL sucks. Tri-rail is a bad idea.

A cab will be well over $100. I'd really suggest flying into MIA as it is a lot simpler.

If the cost is prohibitive, I'd then suggest you look into renting a car. That is about 30$ to 40$ including the taxes...and most companies do no assess a surcharge to return it to the MIA airport (assuming you picked it up at FLL). You could therefore pickup a car in FLL, return it to MIA the same day and take a cab or shuttle bus from MIA to where you need to go in greater Miami.

If you want to keep your car for a couple days, I'd suggest you consider parking at one of the public garages. This is especially true for SOBE and not so true for NOBE. The public garages charge $1/hour or $8/day. Almost all the hotels will only valet ($25 - $35/night) and actually park your car in a public garage. This is very true for the garage on 17th and Pennsylvania in Miami Beach. Be sure to figure out where the closest garage is to your hotel before you chose this option. You don't want to do this if the closest garage is a mile away.

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This may not be the cheapest but we used Brickell Key Tours & Transportation once when flying Southwest but sailing out of Miami. It doesn't necessarily have to be a limo. I believe they have vans/town car service too. They were very reliable and highly recommend them.


Easyexpress offered me transfers for two from FLL to Port of Miami for $40 one way or $60 RT. They discount for AAA and Spirit Air so your price may vary. Check their website.


Hope this helps someone. Now I hope they are reliable!

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It depends if you are in a hurry if not in a hurry take public transportation but the fastest way is by Car rental. You can get good prices sometimes on one way car rentals as well. So i would search for deals before taking public transportation.

But no matter how you get there it seems like you are going to have a blast there.

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I like to use SAS Transportaion for shared van service from FLL to the Port of Miami. They charge $15/person. Really good service. Good luck.

I agree with SAS transportation. We have used them 6 or 7 times and never had a problem. $15 per person, less for a larger group. I believe it was $11 per person for our part of 6.

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