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  1. Want to make a short mid week trip to Singer Island, the lowest rate is $139; I'm guessing $80 is the lowest, any ideas?
  2. thanks, i just stayed at Tribeca Grand, pricey, but incredible service.
  3. Know this hotel? 4-star hotel in Downtown - SoHo - Financial District This hotel features the following amenities:Fitness Center Guests have access to exercise equipment; an additional charge may apply. Restaurant(s) Property offers at least one restaurant on the premises; hours and days of operation may vary. Business Center Guests have access to business equipment and services; an additional charge may apply. Guestrooms are equipped with high-speed Internet access; an extra charge may apply.
  4. I think you are living in a fantasy. Key West is a magical place, but tiny and jan 24 is highest season. There aren't even many dumps left things have gotten so expensive.
  5. I think you have picked a tricky week to go, since October 23rd is the start of Fantasy Fest, the biggest event on the island all year. http://www.fantasyfest.net/ Folks come early to attend. you would be better off going the week before or the week after Halloween. I am sure rates are artificially inflated that specific week. If you like a lot of craziness, that's the week to go, but you won't experience much of Key West. That said, you would be better off using HOTWIRE, because you will be able to figure out the locations of which hotels are available. Also, the beaches are minimal at most hotels, the Navy has the good beaches. But Key West is a lot of fun and definitely go.
  6. 3/8/-11/09, clean hotel, nice rooms, but really large and a little difficult for my parents to navigate. Better for the spry than the young at heart.
  7. Residence Inn has an inflated rate because it is at the MALL. You can do much better or you can go to the beach and she can come hang out with you. The causeway to the beach is right at the MALL. Aventura is around 210 street. only a few miles away are N. Miami Beach and Hollywood Beach. There are lots of reasonably priced hotels in the area and since it is on a mapped on a grid, it is easy to navigate and definitely use PRICELINE for a car, i have gotten rates as low as $70 a week. Spend some time investigating level 3 hotels in N. Miami Beach and Hollywood and you will find something reasonable. I just got an email from South Beach level 3 (blocks 1 - 14) for $99. I live there and prices are low. I don't know why she paid so much, she can do much better, unless she has business at the Mall and needs the convenience.
  8. You are getting good advice to go up to Ft lauderdale or even Deerfield beach, which puts you closer to Orlando and is a more natural split of the drive. There are hundreds of hotels in MB, but that is a very crowded week. If you are under 30, stay in MB, if older, go on up to a more manageable area. Coral Gables is very far from the beach, about 10 miles away and is a business area. For your purposes, i think you would be unhappy there. Be mindful of the intense traffic, usually quite slow between Boca and Palm Beach. Take the turnpike and be sure to have some cash for it. Much better road.
  9. I would suggest you try for the Intercontinental or Hyatt downtown. They can easily walk to the Bahamas Consulate from there (less than 6 blocks). The bridge to Miami Beach is about 7 miles long, so walking isn't likely, but there are lots of buses that pass by the Intercontinental and go to the beach. (Bayside is right next to the Intercontinental. I have walked around there at night, but not later than 9PM.) The next areas that are safe are Coconut Grove and Coral Gables, still accessible to the consulate but further south. There are lots of good PRICELINE prices on South Beach and they can take the bus over to Miami. Much more fun and lively than being downtown. Taxis are very expensive, a one-way ride to the consulate will be over $20.
  10. I live there and that is South Beach, After all the Shore Club is 1901 Collins and that is the ultimate in South Beach and right in the middle of the area you describe. East of Washington is one one block, Collins Ave, and the Ocean-front hotels are there, Ocean Drive runs from 2nd to 14th, maybe that fact informs your mis-perception.
  11. I would suggest you check out crystal City and other close VA suburban areas. DC is a major city and has very few hotels with pools. There is an excellent subway system, Metro that will get you easily to the public sites.
  12. That event is called Art Basel and it is the most influential art event in the US if not the world. You are never going to get a deal in Miami during that week, if you can even get a room. The event seems to mainly impact Miami Beach/Design District, but it is impossible to get in the best restaurants etc. The rates change in Nov at the end of hurricane season, but the economy has definitely impacted Miami like other places. If you are flexible, i would track the Intercontinental on HOTWIRE and especially easyclicktravel.com because it is a great hotel and can be very reasonable.
  13. I am interested in learning which hotel this is. I have reservations at Buena Vista Palace resort for a confeence and it is an outrageous $160 (since it isn't even on the Disney property but is near the shopping big whoop. I'd like to find something within 5 miles of there, for under $100
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