Priceline Hotel: 5* Las Vegas (North Strip) Trump International

By ziggyp22,

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Hi all.

Just a follow up to my earlier Priceline Las Vegas TrumP International post. I needed to book a Saturday night stay only. I was hoping for the Venetian or Palazzo, but never lucked out. I expected the price to be a little higher for a Saturday night, but it was a little more than I expected to have to pay, but still much cheaper than anywhere else, including Hotwire. Here is my bidding process for a 5* hotel on the North Strip for Aug 9th - 10th:

North Strip= $130 (*rejected*) site suggested $249, so I jumped up my bid a fair bit

North/Nellis = $160 (*rejected*)

North/Nellis/Airport = $170 (*rejected*)

North/Summerlin = $178 (*rejected*)

North/Summerlin/Nellis = $188 (*rejected*)

North/Summerlin/Air = $193 (*rejected*)

North/Summerlin/Air/Nellis = $200 (*rejected*)

North/West Strip= $205 (*rejected*)

North/West Strip/Airport= $209 (*rejected*)

North/West Strip/Airport/Nellis= $215 (*rejected*)

North/West Strip/Nellis/Summerlin= $220 (*rejected*)

North/West Strip/Airport/Summerlin= $224 (*ACCEPTED*)

Finally -- LOL -- that took a few hours as I pondered if this was worth it. After checking some lower star hotels, I still made out great in comparison to prices. I also used your provided PRICELINE link to bid.


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Congratulations on your win!

The prices between midweek and weekend dates in Vegas can be drastic (as your wins can attest). Glad to see your succes and although you were hoping for the Venetian or Palazzo, at least you won't have to change hotels midstay. At check-in let them know of your additional reservation for the last nite and ask them to block off the room for you. You may have to go to the desk on 'switch' day to officially check-out and check-in again, but it should prevent you from having to change rooms.

Thanks for sharing your win(s) with the board and for uisng our PRICELINE link to begin your bidding. Glad to see that overall you're pleased with your purchases and the savings were worthwhile.

Enjoy your stay and good luck in Vegas!

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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