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  1. Thanks for all the help. I have another question: are there 3.5* hotels(or higher) in zones that would be substantially cheaper and are easily accessible to the subway? I was thinking that if I could save a fair bit of money per night and be near the subway, that I assume can get me to most(or all) tourist attractions in NY, then that would also be good. If so, can you suggest any bidding zones, so I can research the hotels within that zone. Sorry, but this is my first time to NY and I am a little unsure of everything. Does that sound possible or are the 3.5* hotels(or higher) in other zones at a comparable price and not worth looking into? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried to be patient, bidding the odd night, over the past couple of weeks, on a 4* hotel in TS, MTE, MTW, CPS, ESB, usually up to the $170 range. I've also tried 3.5* hotels in MTW, TS, MSG, and ESB up to the $165 range, but no luck. Unless I can save a fair amount between a 3.5* and 4* hotel, I likely will just pursue the 4* hotel. With 4* bids, I expect to eventually win the Kitano Hotel in the ESB zone. I checked HOTWIRE and the Kitano Hotel is listed for my dates for $205 per night, so I expect that a win could happen with slight increases in my bidding on Priceline. I don't want to be impatient with my bidding, but do you suspect that the price could lower as the date comes closer -- or is it just as well to go ahead and bid a little higher? Besides PRICELINE and HOTWIRE, is it worth waiting for a last minute deal elsewhere? The prices for hotels in NY are slightly higher than I expected. Thanks for your help!
  3. I expected to win a hotel for about $145 a night, based on my preferred zones that include CPS, MTE, MTW, and TS. I set the hotel level to 4*, adding in five different zones that were less than 4*. The first night, I made seven bids that ranged from $85 up to $132 -- no luck, which didn't surprise me. Night number two, I reset my hotel level to 3.5* using the same four zones, but limiting my other bidding zones to three zones. I made ten bids ranging from $85 up to $136, still no luck. Night number three and I set the 3.5* level and same bidding zones again. I made six bids ranging from $132 to $165 -- still no luck. At the current bidding level of $165, including fees and taxes, I will pay $203 per night, which seems a little high for a room to simply sleep in....and I still haven't won a hotel yet. Are 3* hotels worth getting in NY? If so, should I remove any of my four main zones, due to poor 3* hotels? Is there much difference in the 3* and 4* hotels? Thanks!
  4. I have since replied to that Port Charlotte thread. I think I am good to go with the hotel in New York though -- anything you wish to add, feel free. Thanks!
  5. Thanks to all for your assistance, but I actually ended up renting a house after and never went the hotel route. The private pool, spa and house was just too appealing. Thanks!
  6. I never did do the Port Charlotte trip in a hotel -- we actually rented a house instead. I was unsure of a budget, but expected to get a 4* hotel in one of the above areas for approximately $145 a night(or less). There are plenty of combinations of zones when looking for a 4* hotel(5 zones with less than 4*), so I can start the bid low and up it and eventually get a good deal, I suspect. Plus, I have lots of time to book. I will use the PRICELINE links to book the hotel. Thanks!
  7. Hi all. I am not sure if I am posting to the correct forum(sorry if not). I understand the bidding process, but I want a 4* hotel in New York City and wondered what zones would be considered good to select for the main tourist areas? I was hoping to stay in Times Square area, but have since been told to avoid staying directly in Times Square, due to the hustle and bustle of the area. Originally, I thought MTW and CPS would be the best areas, but reading through the forum, I get the feeling that MTE is also a good area to bid on, and it is slightly cheaper. Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions. Thanks!
  8. My wife and I recently returned home from this stay at Crowne Plaza. Everything went great. The Priceline booking made things very fast. The hotel itself was very nice and the extended pool hours were great -- a very nice stay. We were very pleased. We booked this hotel for $51 total. My brother and wife, last minute, decided to travel with us and booked the same room as us(two doors down from us) at the Crowne Plaza and paid $129 plus tax. I guess that shows that PricelIne is very good to use for booking hotel rooms.
  9. $30 Universal Studios - Seaworld $35 Kissimmee and Universal Studios - Seaworld $39 Sand Lake Corporate Park and Universal Studios - Seaworld Universal Studios - Sea World 7800 Universal Boulevard Orlando, Florida 32819 407-355-0550 Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $39.00 Subtotal: $39.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $12.35 Total Charges*: $51.35 PRICELINE link used.
  10. Hi all. I have been looking through the hotel list for Florida and cannot find any hotels listed for Port Charlotte, Florida. However, when I visit Priceline to bid on hotels, Port Charlotte is listed as a destination. Does anyone know the possible hotels available on Hotwire or Priceline(preferrably Priceline) for Port Charlotte? I actually would like to stay at La Quinta Inn & Suites Port Charlotte, but am unsure if it is listed on either site. La Quinta seems to list with both sites though. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi all. I just got back from my PricelIne Las Vegas trip, staying at Trump International for Aug 4th up to and including the 9th. I wanted to give an update of how things went, my room, etc. I was a little disappointed that I didn't win the Palazzo or Venetian, but I figured that Trump had to be a great hotel, so I went there with an open mind. I went to check-in on the 4th with $20 between my credit card and ID ready to try the $20 trick. However, the Trump hotel had no record of my win through PriceLine. They contacted PriceLine and worked it out -- it was a keying error on Trump's side, so things were fine. For my trouble, Trump updated my room to the best available, so I never got to try the $20 trick, but thats fine. As for the room and hotel, it was a great hotel: very clean, upscale, and the service was great. The room, especially the bathroom, was very nice. I honestly cannot say anything negative about the Trump Hotel. Perhaps having a casino in the hotel would have been nice, but I knew that risk before bidding for 5* on the North Strip, so I was fine with it. It is a little walk to the Strip, but only about 5 minutes -- a good way to work off the endless buffets and eating that I did :) I guess the only drawback is the restaurant at Trump is very expensive and I never once ate there. I think the hotel is geared more towards business travelers than personal travelers. Overall, I was extremely pleased with my experience and won't hesitate to use PriceLine or Hotwire in the future and, especially this site. This site helped to open my eyes to a whole new world of travel. Thanks to everyone for their help. Hope you all enjoy your trip(s) at least half as much as I did. Thanks!
  12. Thanks very much for all your help. I won't hesitate to use this site again when I travel. My only regret is that I never found this site sooner. I will be sure to spread the word to people that I know traveling. Thanks again!
  13. Any knowledge of the $20 trick working at Trump International? I have searched over the net and cannot find a single reference to anyone trying it at Trump in Las Vegas. I did read that someone tried it in Trump at Atlantic City and got rejected, so Trump may have this banned at his hotel. Although, I guess if you can be conspicuous enough, then the employee may help out. Thanks!
  14. Hi all. Just a follow up to my earlier Priceline Las Vegas TrumP International post. I needed to book a Saturday night stay only. I was hoping for the Venetian or Palazzo, but never lucked out. I expected the price to be a little higher for a Saturday night, but it was a little more than I expected to have to pay, but still much cheaper than anywhere else, including Hotwire. Here is my bidding process for a 5* hotel on the North Strip for Aug 9th - 10th: North Strip= $130 (*rejected*) site suggested $249, so I jumped up my bid a fair bit North/Nellis = $160 (*rejected*) North/Nellis/Airport = $170 (*rejected*) North/Summerlin = $178 (*rejected*) North/Summerlin/Nellis = $188 (*rejected*) North/Summerlin/Air = $193 (*rejected*) North/Summerlin/Air/Nellis = $200 (*rejected*) North/West Strip= $205 (*rejected*) North/West Strip/Airport= $209 (*rejected*) North/West Strip/Airport/Nellis= $215 (*rejected*) North/West Strip/Nellis/Summerlin= $220 (*rejected*) North/West Strip/Airport/Summerlin= $224 (*ACCEPTED*) Finally -- LOL -- that took a few hours as I pondered if this was worth it. After checking some lower star hotels, I still made out great in comparison to prices. I also used your provided PRICELINE link to bid. Thanks!
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