Priceline Hotel: Need with 3* Hotel Rapid City, SD

By bturner13,

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Been hit with a challenge to aquire a 3* room in Rapid City, SD during peak season this summer! Would appreciate some help from you Savvy BetterBidders out there! 16-19 June 03. I believe the only 3 * hotels in Rapid City is the Radisson. May have to drop back to a 2.5* property.

Tks! :)

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I see the 3* Radisson, but there is also a Best Western that is rated 3* by both Expedia and Oritz (whether this is an over-rating by both of these services OR the hotel is actually better than most Best Western's, i don't know).

The Radisson for your dates is ~$125, while the Best Western is ~$71.

It appears to me that you have one re-bid zone. Since you have so much time, i would want to "test" the waters with a low ball at first to make sure i didn't over bid for the Best Western (in case it is indeed a 3* by Priceline).

I'd do the following, all at the 3* level:

First bid: Bid $40, if rejected, use re-bid at $45

72 hours later

Bid $50, if rejected, use re-bid at $55

72 hours later

Bid $60, if rejected, use re-bid at $65

If all the above is rejected, at this early stage of the game i would start the cycle all over again at $45 and not consider lowering my stars to 2.5* for at least another month or so. I would also try to do the above "cycle" at exactly the 72 hour mark so to minimize the risk of an over-bid by inventory becoming available since my prior bid (did i explain that ok?)

If you really wanted to put forth the effort and minimize the risk of inventory becoming available since your last bid, you could repeat the prior bid as your first bid after 72 hours, as follows:

1st: $40/$45

2nd: $45/$50

3rd: $50/$55

4th: $55/$60

5th: $60/$65

Same rules apply about bidding as close to 72 hours as possible.

Just my thoughts, feel free to add your comments/questions about the above strategy.

Keep us updated as to what you decide to do and what happens at each step of the way.

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WOW! What a super followup! You did a lot of indepth research and I do appreciate that!

I've tested the water and find this to be extremely high season for the Rapid City area and found that it will take $70 to get a 2* hotel! I have a backup reservation at the not so nice Days Inn for $77.

I will keep ya posted on my progress and appreciate anyone else feedback and advise! :)

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Thru the Orbitz link above i found the Best Western (the 3* i referenced above for $79/nite) and that may be an better option than the Days Inn for an extra $2/nite. The Radisson is $124/nite.

Why is this high season? Given these rates, i think the suggested bidding strategy has a decent chance.

Let us know how you make out.

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I too saw the BW but it was for 1 King Bed and there will be 3 folks in this stay. Yes, summer time is high season in the Badlands & Custer Park. Perhaps waiting til a month or so before arrival something will come up with PL. I will keep ya posted. Tks! :)

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You should have 3 free rebids since there is only one region with a 3* on priceline. Spearfish, Deadwood, etc have only 2 1/2*. I would not hold my breath although, as we tootled in yesterday, a number of hotels had vacancy signs. I would wait til the last minute. By the way, unless you have business in Rapid City, some of the other towns are a lot cooler since they are in the mountains. Really recommend Lead (pronounced Leed) or Deadwood. Smells like pines up here!

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