14 day stays possible on Priceline?

By CrankyOldGuy,

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In general, is it realistic to expect to win a 14 day reservation on Priceline? Would the price be in the ballpark of say a three day stay?

I understand that if the 14 day period overlaps a busy period, you may get rejected. What would be the best way to approach a 14 day stay? Multiple short-term bids?

Thanks from a refugee from TOBB :)

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It's reasonable to get a 14 day stay in certain areas.

Best way to approach it would be to post the dates and zone in the appropriate state category as there may be 'locals' on the board that could give you insight as to trends, conventions, and seasonality factors that would affect such a long-term stay.

It's just too difficult to give an accurate answer to this question when the answer would be very different depending upon the area and time of year you are considering.

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I've forgotten what the maximum stay length for any one bid is, it might well be ~ 28 days. I recall someone who was using Priceline for about a month at a time to stay at a Hyatt in SFO for less than it would have cost to rent an apartment. Plus since Hyatt gives status on PL stays as long as there are incidental charges, this person was a Diamond and received elite treatment! And they did this for ~ 2 yrs IIRC.

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When I try to enter a date range of 28 days, this is the response:

Please verify the following information to continue with your request.

The maximum length of stay is 21 days.

So, I guess the max is 21 days per request. But you could always try bidding again on a separate request for additional days in the same location.

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