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Priceline now has drop down lists of Canadian provinces for credit card addresses on bids and on saved profiles. All credit cards now work - so PL is fully legal for Canadians. I would suggest that anyone who uses a Canadian address do so in the proper way - there is no reason to use the CA 99999 thing which was a patch and is not accepted by Visa. Finally, we are full participants!

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Hello !

I just wanted to share some info on using a Cdn Visa and Cdn addresse that I just learned. I booked a hotel 2 days ago through PriceLine but initially was having nothing but problems when I entered my address and my RBC Visa number. I was getting very frustrated so I contacted Priceline and they helped me out right awy. I re-entered my visa number and my address but when I got to my postal code they told me to put a space in bewtwwn the postal code (eg L0R 1R0 ) Once I did that it processed right away and my bid was accepted.I booked the Windsor Hilton for $50 U.S and the average going rate was $118 U.s so I was thrilled. So for all other Visa holders, it will work once you put that space in your postal code.Good luck and happy bidding !

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As a Canadian, I would now like to use my Canadian adress on the Priceline site. I had no trouble entering all the details and also put in a new "security" question in the optional box used for automatic sign in. This was yesterday.

Today I tried to bid but at the sign in prompt, there was my "old" security question . Obviusly if I had answered that question my previous CA9999 address would have been the one used.

Anyone know how to get your address changed whilst using the same computer.

I know my question is a bit difficult to follow, hope you understand what I'm getting at.

Thanks for any help

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Hi and thanks for your suggestions.

Thereuare, after your suggestion I went into the "edit" profile but in that drop down box there are no Canadian addresses and the page still says "We do not accept credit/debit cars with billing addresses outside the US."

So it looks as if the options are to leave the address "as is" or do not sign in but instead enter all the billing details each time we start a new bid as it's possible to put a Canadian address on that page. (Doesn't make sense I know but I swear that's the way it is)

The problem with not "signing in" and using a profile is when we get into rebidding and have to keep logging on and off.

Oh well, a bit of an inconvenience for great savings!

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If you are a canadian there is no need to enter any INCORRECT information to sign-in!!!!

The procedure is as follows:

1) at the first step before signing-in just go ahead and try to place a bid

2) When it asks you about your credit card information You will see that you can chose CANADA as your country and select your province from the options.

3) Before saving this information on the same page there is an optional option (become a memeber) which you have to select

4) and You are done!!

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You have to conform to the input boxes given, so i'd try something like this:

City: Toronto Ontario

State: CA

Zip: 99999

... but the bottomline is that Priceline doesn't send out physical mail, so you just need something to get past any 'checks' they do on the form (ie- making sure that each box has something in it, the zip code is 5 numerical digits, etc, etc)

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I have just bidded via savingsbarn (unsuccessfully) but didn't have any credit card problems. I used a UK Visa. I put the suggested California state with 99999 zip code and entered by phone no. in the international 12 digit format.

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Put in a fake state (I used Nebraska but anu US state should work) but I put in my real (Indonesian) zip code (95000) and it worked.

Then for the phone number, I first used city hall phone number for a city in Nebraska (found the number on the internet, search for city hall Dallas for example). Then after you are accepted, log in to priceline and click to change you profile information. When you see your profile choose to edit your address information and phone numbers and then you will get kind of a free format field (since they already checked you out before and they like the city hall (not fake, does exist) phone numbers and you can then put in your real number. I used country code (62 for Indonesia) and then area code without the leading zero and then phone number. Accepted.

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When I placed my bid (earlier today) and I got to the page where you entered your CC information there was a place for either Zip Code or Postal Code...Because it said postal code I assumed that entering your Canadian address should be fine. I ended up losing the bid so I'll have to try again tomorrow but I was wondering if this is a priceline upgrade so it's easier to use Canadian CC's or something. From everything I've read on here it seems that they didn't use to have a spot for Canadian Postal Codes.

Does anybody know if it is indeed an upgrade....or should I still be using a fake US city and postal code?

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You can try your 'real' info... if it goes thru to an acceptance/rejection screen then that would indicate that this is indeed an upgrade. If you get a message "your transaction couldn't be processed" (or something similar) then it would incidate no change.

If you 'experiement' with the above please let us know the result.

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Time for an overview - no new information here - I believe I was the first to post the use of CA 99999 years ago elsewhere when you couldn't bid from Canada because Priceline had not negotiated about GST issues - claiming that all their business originated outside Canada - even for hotels in Canada (visitors would get a GST refund until last year). MC and Amex accepted this address but Visa didn't. The inspiration was that when I used my cc at a store in the states, they told me that "99999" works for their system if you have no acceptable US ZIP code of your own. Since 99999 would be of the coast of California according to the ZIP rules, "CA 99999" would be kosher. The added bonus was that CA can be taken as Canada for the purpose of the credit card's checking on an address. That worked for years and other combos didn't. Now, PL accepts Canadian addresses without the fun and games - we schemers are no longer getting anything exclusive since any postal code works, except, as noted in a previous post, you have to remember to have a space in the middle or they kick you out. But CA 99999 still works as before and its nice to keep it as a mark of your Canadian Priceline Pioneer status. But you shouldn't try to join that club now - it's only for the oldtimers. So just be careful when you enter the postal code information and you will be bidding with ease. And it that doesn't work, I guess there's always CA 99999.

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I just read in Priceline.com Tems and conditions in the subject International Use, that some countries are now available to use this site, (some of this are, France, Mexico Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Brazil, Sweden, Canada, Spain, Swiss...., and some others) How ever now you can update your payment optiopns in your Priceline profile, and you have the option to capture your real address even your real country.

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Thx for the new info J77.

As recent as 19th Jan I still had to have a dodgy US address in the billing field because it wouldn't accept an Australian address, even though their terms and conditions clearly stated that residents of Australia were welcome to use Priceline. Go figure :)

Anyway, I just logged in and successfully entered my Aust. address and everything is hunky dory.


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Please report to this thread if anybody with a non-US or non-Canada credit card is able to use the "Name Your Own Price" to successful bid for a hotel and able to enter their true address (as it's unclear if bidding for a hotel is now available from these other countries... or if only the "Shop and Compare" section is available from these 'other' countries).

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