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  1. PRICELINE EXPRESS was showing 4.5* at 60% off for $160 (guest favorite at 9+). PRICELINE EXPRESS did not show that one beyond the 15th. Best regular rate is $400 so the 60% off confirmed that it was likely to be the Marriott. It's a small zone so it was an easy guess. Decided to try a bid. Used your link. I took the $5 a day insurance. The first bid was accepted at $150. PL offered to extend the stay but it was rejected. I had noticed that the PRICELINE EXPRESS version kept disappearing and reappearing before I bid. After my bid was accepted I went back to Express and it was gone. BTW - opti
  2. I was looking in the area on Priceline Express and a 3* with a 9+ rating kept appearing for only $86 per day (but only if a full week was selected) at a 74 % discount(!). Based on the price and the BB lists, I figured it was the Courtyard Marriott Salt River, which is in Scottsdale too. I decided against it because it looked to be in a pretty bleak location. I could be wrong of course about the quality of the location and it might come up again.
  3. If you look at the Google Reviews for that hotel, you might be concerned. A response from the Director of Marketing could be interpreted to say that people who use on-line booking sites will not always get what they want. Instead, she suggests that you consider booking directly with them and tell them what you expect ("we will do our very best to match your expectations"). I am surprised that Priceline would be willing to deal with such a place. You could point this out to Priceline if you want them to follow up. You can see for yourself by entering "Scottsdale Plaza Resort" in Google and cl
  4. The price plus tax and fees was $55. I was rejected on a bid for a 3* at $40 where I noticed the total was also $55. So Express has lower fees than NYOP. The description included a pool and fitness center as well as breakfast and free parking. This place shares ownership, parking and staff with the Homewood Suites.
  5. Bid up from C$130 in C$5 increments - lots of free rebids available at 4* level. Counteroffer at C$173 after C$140 bid (but Express deal was C$168 for same level). Priceline fee near $12 in addition to taxes.
  6. I used the PRICELINE link here to get started into the Priceline site. An Express Deal was available for $148 for 5* and the description made it clear it was the Conrad, which is what I needed. I tried bidding up to $145 with no success, so I used the Express Deal option and it was indeed the Conrad New York. I used my Hilton HHonors number at check-in and they gave me free internet and a delivered newspaper. Although this seemed like a bargain, I then found that the regular price was about $190 and it allowed for no-penalty cancelation. I should have checked the regular price first. The hotel
  7. dc3

    Expdia Secret Deals

    I'd think it would be better to combine the HOTWIRE section with Expedia secret deals because it then is posted within a region and gives information comparable to what someone using Hotwire would post - the prices and property should be the same or very close. The general area you suggest is unsorted and not worth the effort.
  8. Based on my purchases on Expedia, the 3.5* is the Hotel Gouverneur Place Dupuis. The Holiday Inn Midtown came in as 3* though it's listed as 3.5* here.
  9. dc3

    Expdia Secret Deals

    I was trying for a couple of trips to Montreal using Priceline bidding without success and also saw nothing of interest in Express Deals. Hotwire was not much better but Expedia.ca, in its opaque section had some low prices for 3* and 3.5* properties. These were not matched on Hotwire or Expedia.com so I went for them. This board has no place to report the details of such successes but they would be very similar to Hotwire reports. The amenities are listed in the same way. As of now, I am not posting them but it's worth considering an expansion of this board to include these sorts of things -
  10. Bid for 2.5* and won on first bid - upgraded to 3*. Fee is $8.50 and then there's tax. I saw a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for $65 for 2.5* in the same zone. Includes breakfast, internet, parking but dinner is only included M-Th. Summer discount expired yesterday.
  11. I can confirm that the Westin Prince is in the North York East zone and it is the only hotel I know of in that zone that would be 4*. The bidding site shows a 4* in that zone.
  12. I used the PRICELINE Quick Quote link on this page. The Kingston area now has two zones, waterfront being the smaller one in the downtown, which I wanted. It is no longer possible to get a lot of extra zones for rebids as previously since both Kingston zones are up to 3*. I saw Hotwire was at $97 for 3* that looked like the Radisson. So I bid $85 and got the Residence Inn , which seems to be the highest rated place in Kingston. It includes breakfast and internet but parking is not free. Taxes and fees add $14 per night. The Marriott site is quoting $169 per night. I felt pretty smart then I s
  13. I use the PRICELINE link on this page. Bid 60, 70, 80, 90. Prepaid rate on hotel site is C$170. With taxes and fees PL is US$219. Hotwire has a 4* for $105 with Indoor pool(s) Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s)Restaurant(s). Business Center High-Speed Internet Access
  14. Used the link from this site to PRICELINE to place the bid. First try of $70 was accepted. Best rate for advance booking on hotel site is $132. HOTWIRE was $95.
  15. Is the Sutton Place really 5*? In reality it's not quite 4*, if that. The regular price for advance pay booking is $120. Please confirm that Priceline reporting this as 5*.
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