Priceline Hotel: 3* Seattle (Downtown) Renaissance

By cookofthehouse,

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Last minute decision to see a Mariner's game, so looking for a hotel (coming from Spokane).

Thought I'd see if I could get a deal on a 4* first, then move down to 3*.

Downtown - 4* - $70

Add Lake Union - 4* - $75

Add Lynnwood - 4* - $80

Same - 4* AND 3* - $45

Add Everett - 3&4* - $50

Add N Everett - 3&4* - $55

Add Bothell - 3&4* - $60

That's it. U of WA, Renton, SeaTac, and Bellevue all have 3* and up, so I was done.

Is this too last minute to get a deal? If I try again tomorrow (can I go again that soon?) will I have a chance?

Should I go read up on the 2 1/2 stars that go for Downtown?

Thanks for any guidance. :)

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Is this too last minute to get a deal?
With nine days before your trip I don't think you're "too last minute", but you're probably bidding too low.

We haven't seen 4* wins for $80 Downtown in a long time and usually it takes over $100.

Occasionally someone wins a 3* Downtown in the high $50's (I won the 3* Crowne Plaza for $58 a couple weeks ago) but usually it takes more like $60-$90.

If $80 is your limit consider bidding to $80 for a 3* Downtown, or try for a 2.5*. 2.5* in Lake Union zone is a good option too. Lake Union is only about a mile from Downtown and the two areas are connected by trolley now.

If you're driving from Spokane you'll pass through Bellevue and you're more likely to get a good deal in Bellevue than Downtown.

If I try again tomorrow (can I go again that soon?)....
You can rebid for the same parameters (4* Downtown or 3* Downtown) 24 hours from your last rejected bids. If you're trying a new parameter (like 2.5* Downtown or 4* Bellevue) you don't have to wait.

Good luck!

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When you decide to lower the star level of your bids, you're almost always better off to start a new bid rather than lower the star level on your existing bid. In this case, if you had started a new bid for a 3* after your $80 bid for a 4* was rejected, you would have been able to add the Lynnwood-Edmonds and Lake Union zones to that bid, giving you at least two more bids (you can actually get 32 bids for a 3* by using your rebid zones, if you're willing to start a lot of new bids). And you could have freely used the UW, Renton-Kent, and Seatac zones for your 4* bid.

I have seen $75-$80 wins for 4* Downtown, but only in the winter. I agree with Colfax that if you're looking for a 4* hotel, you should consider bidding for one in Bellevue. Rates in Bellevue are low on weekends, parking is a lot cheaper (the Hyatt Regency, for example, has free parking on Friday and Saturday nights), and you're only about a 12-15 minute drive from Downtown Seattle. I'm sure that you can still get the Hyatt Regency for $80, and there's a good chance you could get it for a bit less.

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Thanks for all the feedback. I thought about it and decided staying downtown was more important to me than saving $10-20. So I went back in today and started at $60 for 3*. I got the Marriott Renaissance for $76.

So I guess you can change the thread title. :) Thanks for the tips, and yes, I used the PRICELINE link here when I bid. :)

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Congratulations on your success!

Glad to hear you were able to get a good deal on a hotel in the Downtown area and are happy with the results.

Thank you for sharing your win with the board and for using our PRICELINE link to begin your bidding.

Have a great stay.

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