Do 2008 Entertainment Books have a Hotwire coupon?

By Colfax,

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Do the 2008 Entertainment Books have a HOTWIRE coupon like they did in years past?

If so what's the HOTWIRE coupon deal this year? Is it a one time coupon or can it be reused?

Entertainment Books are 50% off now, which is when I buy. The LA book is only $15. Seattle and Portland are $12.50. If there's a good HOTWIRE coupon for 2008 I might buy a couple extra $12.50 books just for that Hotwire coupon.

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I don't know of anyone who has had their rebate denied for not using the 'special link' provided by HOTWIRE, but if you want to use that link this board can (probably) still get credit if you click our HOTWIRE link first and then go to the link they instruct you use.


I only aware of the $10 discount off the selling price. Where did you see the advertise for 50%off. I am planning to buy the Entertainment Book for Toronto so that I can get $20 rebate ( hopefully) for my hotel room in August.

If you have the link of 50% discount, please share it.

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Thanks for confirming there's a Hotwire coupon in the 2008 Entertainment Books. I'm going to buy a book now. I just have to decide which city. :)


The Toronto Entertainment Book is marked down from $34 to $17. If you're only buying it for the HOTWIRE coupon you could buy a book from one of the $12.50 cities. I'm pretty sure the same HOTWIRE coupon is in all the books.

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I had always interpreted Hotwire's rebate to be "one per household". But reading the fine print, it looks like I'm wrong.

Is your interpretation that as long as you have an original coupon, you'll get the multiple rebates. Thus the purchase of multiple books?

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I don't want to interpret the coupon's rules before I have the coupon in my hand and can read the fine print. I know a few years ago you could use the Hotwire coupon more than once but that might have changed. If it's a one time coupon then buying a several books would pay off for me.

I think the hotel coupon also used to say $10 off per night up to five nights. Now it sounds like it's $20 max, no matter how long your stay?

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The "small print" is actually on the web page that you use to start the purchase: http://www.hotwire.com/epirebate2008.jsp

And there's nothing in the fine print about multiple submissions. So I'm kicking myself 'cause I've always picked up a couple of the Entertainment books, yet only submitted one rebate. :)

I am confuse now. Can someome who has the coupon please verify this for me

1) The coupon is $10/night and rebate up to 5 night. That means only get back $10 althought I bought 5 nights hotel stay thru hotwire or I will get only $10.

2) If I boght 2 seperated purchase from Hotwire, ( 2 night for each purchase). When submit my rebate form, how much I should get back.

I saw the Entertaiment word underline. I can click on it to purchase ENT book right. I just want this site to get credit if any.

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Sorry for the late reply...I've been traveling... :)

I already sent in this year's coupon and I've yet to get a second book, but I'm 99% sure: the rebate coupon is good for one reservation only, regardless of the length of stay. In effect, HOTWIRE is rebating the service fee.

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My Entertainment Book arrived today. I chose the slowest of four shipping options, $2.49 for 10-14 days delivery, and the book took ten days to arrive.

The Hotwire hotel coupon isn't as generous as in years past. It's $10 off a single hotel stay this year, NOT $10 per night. You have to submit the original coupon from the book, not a copy. The coupon can only be used once.

Hotwire's website provides more information about the rebate rules and conditions than what's printed on the coupon itself. The coupon refers you to Hotwire's website for details, at the URL pterrell posted above.

A number of big city books are marked down to $12.50 now, including Las Vegas, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, and Seattle. Many others are $15.00.

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Based on my own experience, I would highly recommend adhering to the rules on the HOTWIRE offer page that's tied to the coupon. When I attempted some bids last fall (with the 2008 coupon), I noticed that some rates adjusted when searched from the HOTWIRE link vs. from www.hotwire.com. The other thing is that multiple books' hotel deals may not be honored (there may be a one/customer/address kind of requirement). And finally regarding the other features, you have to dig in the fine print for the details -- i.e. package discount does not apply to hotel/car package.

What I recommend using the HOTWIRE $10 hotel coupon for a one-night, lower-cost stay at an identifiable and desirable Hotwire hotel. For example, I used mine on a hotel that's normally bunched in a Priceline 2-star zone that's near a ski resort -- it's a Laquinta that is amazingly rated 3-stars by Hotwire and in an area with not-so-nice 2-PL stars-- and was $59/night. Along those lines, maybe an airport hotel before/after/at end of a stay when you have an early/late flight and need to be close to the airport zone where most 3-stars can often be getable at a moderate price. But I can't see using the $10 on HOTWIRE for anything more expensive, unless there's a Priceline zone with a totally undesirable property (say, the Strat/Sahara in Vegas North Zone when you see one of the Harrahs' properties on Hotwire).

FYI...just from my experiences.


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