Parking in DC

By kstrom,

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Do you have a specific location in mind? Have you won/purchased a hotel yet for your upcoming Washington DC stay?

After several days trying I finally succeeded in getting a PL hotel for 2/15-2/17. (I'm posting the PL bid as a separate topic.) The total duration of the stay is 2/13-2/17, all in Dupont Circle region. The DC Metro site that says there will be delays on the metro that weekend, so I think I want to park fairly close to Dupont Circle rather than in the 'burbs and then take the subway into DC.


Within this general area, we are happy to move the car to take advantage of savings.

- Kstrom

PS Here's the general DC metro website. It has very easy to use, intuitive interactive features:


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I recently received a $100 parking ticket while in DC. With the blocked off streets, one way streets, turn lanes that seem to appear from nowhere, the "grid and spoke" layout of the streets (many intersections have streets coming together at acute angles), the red light cameras, and soon to come, stop light cameras, driving the streets of DC is a white knuckle experience. I would much rather drive in any part of the Metro NYC area than in DC. Next time I'm taking the metro.

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