Advice on parking at or near Newark airport

By Oboy,

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Hi -

I will be staying at a hotel (which I will priceline soon) near EWR on Dec. 30th. I will be catching a flight to London 8AM on Dec. 31st and will be gone for 1 week. Any advice on where to leave my car? Is there POSSIBLY somewhere free? Is it safe to leave my car in a hotel parking lot for a week? If not, I may just get someone to drive me the 1 1/2 hrs to Newark from my home.


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are you close to any of the NJ Transit train stations? For example, the Hamilton or Princeton Junction stations have cheap parking and you can take the train to the EWR station.

I usually park at Hamilton, but it is no longer an option. All non-garage parking is now permit parking only (unless the garage is full) and the garage now costs $9 per 24 hours!

According to West Windsor Parking Authority, the group who own the parking at Princeton Junction, I can park a maximum of 14 days in their daily parking lots at $4 a day. So I think that's my best bet! Thanks dahammer!

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usually park at Hamilton, but it is no longer an option

wow, that's news to me....a relative has always parked at Hamilton...the parking at Trenton is expensive as well as the Metropark station which is, I believe, $9 per day in the parking deck. I used Princeton Junction before, had no problems. Good luck with your bidding for a hotel and enjoy Happy New Year's in London!!

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Anybody knows a cheap parking space NEAR Newark airport? I checked Princeton Junction but it is way too far, about 54 minutes driving. Moreover, I am going with my family and we have a lot of stuff to carry. Originally, we plan to get to the airport first, drop them off, and then I will find a parking space. Because I am coming from Philadelphia, it is not very convenient to arrive at Newark and then drive all the way back to Princeton Junction just to park the car. Furthermore, the trains at Princeton Junction won't leave until 5:15 in the morning and my flight is at 6 am. So, anybody knows any other places near the airport that have cheap parking?

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