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By iceeu2again,

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Sorry, to be ignorant, but how can I figure out which hotel it may be before buying. For instance, we need a one nighter in Honolulu...and the one I have found on Hotwire is in Waikiki Beach-Yacht Harbor, $115/night, 4 1/2 stars, called a customer favorite with reviews, amenities of oceanfront, restaurant, pool, fitness center, business center, golf nearby, tennis nearby?

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Unfortunately, there isn't any history for Hotwire in Hawii (yet).

The way you would check is by going to Hawaii>> Priceline/Hotwire Hotel List and Tips. If there were already results for Hotwire in Hawaii, there would be a 'pinned' topic at the top, entitled "Hotwire Hotel Lists and Tips".

Although not confirmed by an actual purchase, one of our members believes they have identified a Hotwire hotel given the description (because it's not confirmed, i haven't added it a "Master List" in a 'Hotwire Hotel List and Tips'). You can read what this user thinks by looking at the topic: 'Kauai-Wiamea Plantation Gardens' in the Hotwire/Priceline Hotel List and Tips.

Hope you followed all of this (i'm not sure i did and i actually wrote it!). If you didn't, just reply to this post and i'll explain further and give direct links.

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One method I use for narrowing down which hotel *might* be the Hotwire property is to do an Expedia search. For that, I'd do a search for 3* or above, then see what's in the area. Look at exactly what Expedia has listed for amenities. Almost all the time, they will match up exactly with what Hotwire lists. For example, if a property doesn't list a fitness center in their description, and Hotwire has a fitness center icon, you can eliminate that property. The problem comes when there is more than one property which matches the icons. Then you have to guess. Plus there can be properties not listed by Expedia with which Hotwire has contracts. That's not common, but it has happened.

Until someone reports amenities lists from a win, all you can do is make a more educated guess. If you need more help with this, just holler!

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The star ratings between agencies are frequently different, and should probably be ignored as a criteria for comparision (ie- use the amenities to gain insight as to which hotels are being offered, NOT the star rating... but i like the way you're thinking!!). However, as BurBunny suggests, using a search on Expedia for 3* and above should be sufficient for including the Hotwire 4.5* hotel you are trying to guess. I've heard stories of the star ratings being different by as much as 1.5 stars, although that is in extreme cases and it's usually not more than a 1 star difference.

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Hi. Icee. I have been doing a lot of research on Hawaii hotels.

I agree with Burbunny to check out Expedia.com

The Yacht Harbor area may only have one or two 4-5 star hotels.

Click on Luxury hotels at Expedia and you will be able to see what Expedia has.

I personally think the price of $115. is a great rate for a 4 star hotel.

Hotels.com is another place to check for hotels in that area.

I think it is the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort. Auto club has it listed as a 4 star. The Renaissance Iikai Waikiki Hotel is also in that area.

They are both excellent hotels highly recc. by my friends who are members of cruise-addicts.com

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