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  1. Hi. Thank you for your advise. I think I should have stopped the bidding and gone back another time. Something strange happened while bidding. There was a check mark on all the star levels. I wasn't able to delete the check marks in the boxes. I should have logged out and start over again. So, I really didn't have a choice on star level anyway. The Continental Surf Hotel is located in the Waikiki EAST. Address is 2426 Kuhio Ave., Honolulu, Hawaii 96815. I will report on the hotel when I get back. Hawaii has lots of hotels all over. Some are listed as one star but they look like they have a lot to offer. For example: ocean front, frig, micro, coffee maker, lots of restaurants and shopping in the hotel. Plus, the rates in some hotels can go from $75.-300. Depending on what location you want in the hotel and other amenities. The hotel I am looking at that interests me is the "Miramar in Waikiki Hotel" 2345 Kuhio Ave. Located east side waikiki. I want to be near the International Market Place. It has a lower bottom floor with several restaurants including Denny's. Plus, shopping stores. One block from beach. Has frig. Free HBO. Near local bus line. Not close to other hotels that could block any view from any room. Plus, I can get a SENOR upgrade once I get there. Hotel rate starts at $69. per night. Plus, it is located near the Radisson Waikik Hotel. I will let you all know what hotel I will end up booking.
  2. Hi everybody. Thank you all for your advise. I decided to test Priceline.com by booking one room for one night. I bid $45. for a 3 star hotel. It was not accepted. I then bid $50. and was accepted because I had to lower the stars to a 1-2 stars. They sold me The Continental Surf Hotel right in the heart of Waikiki. It has the frig, micro, coffeemaker. Hotel review says it is a great place for students.lol. In other words, it is a so-so hotel. I only need the hotel to rest for 9hours before my flight home on July 13th. I don't fly home til 9p.m. The is the comical funny part of the deal. Travelocity had the Cont. Surf Hotel for $49.95 listed. I lost a nickel by going with priceline. Expedia had it for $52. Orbitz had it for $50. Duh!! So what is so special about Priceline if they were not able to get me a 3 star hotel at that rate. I did try to get a 3 star hotel at that rate. I had to lower my stars to get what I could have gotten anyway from the other websites. I am now going to buy my 3 night stay in Waikiki and choose hotel and location at the price I want to pay through hotel websites. I think I can get a better deal on my own. Why gamble and get a hotel or location I might not want? I am not a gambler and plan to just control what I want. Thanks everbody. Luci
  3. Hi guys. You can move my topic to the Hawaii thread. I can't find it. I wrote an e-mail to hot wire that it is important that I have a refrigerator in my room. I am waiting for their answer. I made a bid of $130. per night for 3 nights for a 4 star hotel located in the west side of Waikiki. It was not accepted. I am not willing to book a three star with wire or priceline because Expedia has lots of great rates for 3 star hotels. I think for $130. I can get a great deal through Expedia. I am going to wait for hot wire e-mail answer before booking a hotel.
  4. Hi. Icee. I have been doing a lot of research on Hawaii hotels. I agree with Burbunny to check out Expedia.com The Yacht Harbor area may only have one or two 4-5 star hotels. Click on Luxury hotels at Expedia and you will be able to see what Expedia has. I personally think the price of $115. is a great rate for a 4 star hotel. Hotels.com is another place to check for hotels in that area. I think it is the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort. Auto club has it listed as a 4 star. The Renaissance Iikai Waikiki Hotel is also in that area. They are both excellent hotels highly recc. by my friends who are members of cruise-addicts.com
  5. Hi I am ready to book a hotel in Honolulu/Wikiki beach area. Is it normal for hot wire to ask me to post all of my personal info. before making a bid? I was shown a few hotels with prices on thier website and when I pressed continue it started to ask me about my info. even before I had chosen a Hotel. Should I go ahead and put in the info before making a bid on a hotel? Is this their normal proceedure? I want to bid on a four star hotel in the West Waikiki area. Can anyone please give me some tips??
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