Priceline Hotel: 3* Columbus Worthington Sheraton Suites $30+$10

By pitflyer,

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Hit it right on the money based on bid history. Regular 21 day non refundable rate was $61 so wasn't that great a deal compared to other Priceline deals, but half price for suites is still not bad.

Just a note for people who calculate the Priceline rate based on the taxes- if you are charged 20% taxes, that is the max Priceline will charge, so Priceline sometimes will eat the difference (in case of bonus money, etc). So with 20% taxes, you can not always accurately calculate the Priceline rate, so you have to use your bid history.

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So glad there is not many or any hotels/places in the USA, right now, that charges 20% tax! Would it be some sort of tax law violation for PL to charge more or indicate they paid more taxes to the hotel than they real did?

Here is a quote from PL on taxes and surcharges,

"What taxes and surcharges will I pay?

If there's one thing in life you can't avoid, it's taxes, and hotel rooms certainly have their share. So in the interest of being up-front, here's a breakdown of the taxes and fees you'll pay when you buy hotel rooms through priceline.com - which, by the way, are the same taxes and fees you would pay if you buy rooms through a travel agent or from the hotels directly:

Standard state and local taxes (which currently average about 12% and will not exceed 20% of your offer price) are not included in your offer price - they will be added to your total cost and charged to the credit card you provide if a participating hotel accepts your offer.

Depending Depending on the city and property you stay in, you may also be charged a "Hotel Occupancy Tax", resort fees, parking charges, room service, etc. as these costs are not included in the price you pay priceline. These charges, if applicable, will be payable to the hotel directly at checkout.

On both U.S. and International hotel offers, priceline adds a standard $5.95 per room charge to the final cost to cover processing costs associated with your offer."

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