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  1. The amenity list prior to booking led me to believe it was either the Best Western or the La Quinta, but instead I got a hotel that I don't think is on the current Hotwire list. Not quite as good a deal, but still saved some money. Amenity List: Free parking Free Internet Pet friendly Indoor pool(s) Airport shuttle Smoke-free rooms Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Internet access
  2. 3* Erie South. When I saw the amenity list, the laundry made me think it was the HGI rather than the Wyndham (which was the other one on the hotel list). When I bid through I got the hotel I wanted. :) Thanks for hosting this invaluable information source! Before this I tried PRICELINE NYOP for up to $55 3.5* and $50 3*. Their PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals price was $107 for 3* and $67 for 2.5*. Amenity list Free parking Free Internet Indoor pool(s) Airport shuttle Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Self-service laundry Internet access Accessibility
  3. Last night it kept over writing the hotel name to the other Holiday Inn. Maybe it was my browser. I do not recall what it displayed but I logged into my account (Priceline I do have an account) and it shows Free Internet Outdoor Pool Spa Non-Smoking Gym Restaurant Casino Handicap Accessible Business Center Hope that helps for your database. For the record, the same hotel was available at $107/night (also non refundable). When you add on the Priceline fee that is tacked into the opaque bidding, I saved about $17 on the night. Maybe I could have bid to save another $5-$10 a night.
  4. I never signed up for a Hotwire Account so I don't have the ability to see amenities. I checked on my confirmation email and amenities aren't listed. If there's some other way for me to pull the list, I will be happy to try that. I do remember seeing 'Pool Indoor and Pool Outdoor' both listed on the amenities list, which gave me concern I was getting that Auberge Discovery Bay (since that's more of a resort). But I did verify that even though this is an airport hotel it actually does have both of these amenities, also.
  5. The automatic filling of city and hotel name is a little annoying because it keeps picking areas that aren't correct. My Zone: 4* in Macau Cotai, not Macau Central. It was listed as a Casino hotel. Expected and received the Holiday Inn Macao Cotai (NOT the Holiday Inn Macau which the site keeps trying to change the name to). $83 + taxes and fees that made it $103. Thanks
  6. Offered this through Hotwire -- 4.5* on Hotwire which said it was recently booked as Regal Airport Hotel. When I booked, it did come the same hotel -- there are really only three hotels near Hong Kong Airport, though I see some people got the Auberge Discovery Bay on Lantau Island as a 4*. I was worried about getting that one, but luckily did not.
  7. Started at $35 and bid up in $2-$3 increments using free rebid zones, got this hotel for $52 a night, total with taxes and fees of $66. Had an award reservation at the Four Points (also listed at 3.5*) which I valued at about $75 so not a great savings, but still something. Been trying for a hotel in Austin later on in the week with no success so far. Thanks to the forum for their organized structure...
  8. You shouldn't use Priceline if you want (or don't want) a specific hotel.
  9. $70 rejected, $72 accepted at Aston Kauai Beach for Sunday night. Rate at their website and at other major sites was $97 for the night + $12 taxes + $12 fee. Priceline charged me $17 taxes and fees, but I believe I will be paying the $12 fee at the resort. Hence, with this hotel, Priceline charged $5 as their fee, on top of whatever they included in the base rate of $72, which may be as little as $2 if the earlier rejection indicates their floor. So I saved $20 over the standard available rate at this hotel, or about 18%. Not quite what TheNegotiator tries to sell, but something, I guess. I was at a conference where William Shatner was the keynote speaker. Next time I'll tell him to cut the rates more :) I normally find that rates at regular hotels that offer points are just as competitive with Priceline, but this location has only a few nation-branded hotels (Marriott and Starwood) and their rates are about double.
  10. Rejected at $175 with counter offer of $200. Rebid and accepted at $180 after a long (10 minute) wait. $479 on their website. Had backup at the Renaissance Aruba for $330.
  11. Bid $18 got counter of $26, also rejected at $22 so best price is $23. Got Avis. Total price $200 US. Not a great deal for me since I really didnt need the car the whole time I'm in Halifax (staying downtown for a couple of nights and don't need a car, now with a car have to pay for parking) .. and otherwise I would have picked up a car in downtown.. but decent deal. About 1/3 to half off best price for the period.
  12. Minimum acceptable bid ($45 was rejected) Regular rate of about $170 a night so good deal!
  13. One weekend day (Sat). Rental car companies quoted ridiculous prices of $60 or more for an economy car. I normally pay a little extra to get a car from Hertz with LDW but wasn't willing to pay that much. HOTWIRE showed a car available at $29 so I tried $19 at Priceline and was rejected. A few days later tried $20 and was accepted at Avis. $10 in taxes and fees. Total price of $30 compares to $150 published price ("You saved 79%!") I still dont like renting without the insurance so I know I'll be walking around the rental car and examining it very closely for dings and dents.. especially in NYC.
  14. Saw posts here and on TOBB about this hotel and couldn't pass up the deal .. I got the rock bottom rate since $27 was rejected. Mr. Big Teeth strikes again!
  15. Needed a hotel for 1 night for an early morning (6am! ugh) flight the next morning. Looking online it seemed it was slim pickings for the airport zone, so I tried that zone first, then added the relatively nearby Fort Myers and Bonita Springs zone. $35 was rejected, $38 was accepted in the Fort Myers, FL zone. The La Quinta Inn is actually only about 5 miles from the airport (at the bottom of the Fort Myers zone) so the location is fine with me. The savings are not great, if we figure the actual price of the hotel was around $43 (with Priceline's now undisclosed cut) I could have gotten the hotel for $64 at LQ.COM, or probably the same hotel at Hotwire (2.5*, same zone) for $54. Still, saved about $20 in total, but giving up the choice of hotel and ending up at an Econolodge or Days Inn (possible for 2*), I think this was a marginal Priceline victory. If my $38 bid did not make it, I would have just paid $47 at lastminutetravel.com for a Quality Hotel not too far away. I'm trying to convince the Hilton on Marco Island to let me use points for a stay the night before, since they still have rooms available (not for award, however).. if that fails, I'm going to see if Priceline can do better in that area.
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