Hotwire Hotel: 2.5* Los Angeles (Airport LAX) Homestead Suites

By involatile,

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Hotwire area: LAX

dates: 8/15-8/17


4* Customer favorite - $104

Shuttle, pool, business center, fitness center, restaurant, hi-speed internet

Sheraton gateway???


2* Shuttle, Laundry, Pools - $69



3.5* Shuttle, pool, business center, fitness center, restaurant, hi-speed internet - $79



2.5* Laundry - $62

Homestead suites??


3* Shuttle, Fitness Center, Pool, Restaurant, Business center, Laundry, Hi-speed internet - $93

Crowne Plaza???


Actually, I want the homestead suites because it's close to the ECFMG exam center where my wife has a test. Can anyone confirm that the 2.5* is most likely the homestead?


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For a variety of reasons some hotels don't show all the amenities offered... one of the most common would be to increase opacity.

However, NOTE that Colfax didn't say above that the property you're seeing is the Homestead, only that was the only one which could possibly be the Homestead since they don't have a shuttle (and the other offerings do offer a shuttle).

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Like thereuare said, the HOTWIRE amenity lists may not be complete.

Here's another example: all Homesteads have highspeed Internet but I've never seen a Homestead that displayed a Highspeed icon on Hotwire.

With just a laundry icon it's impossible to identify what the 2.5* hotel is, as almost all hotels have a guest laundry. If you purchase on HOTWIRE we'll be interested to hear which hotel you win.

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