Priceline Hotel: 2.5* San Diego (Rancho Bernardo) Courtyard Rancho Bernardo

By jrnyman04,

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I have been trying for more than a month to get this reservation without any success. Mission Valley is ideal, but I am ok with any of the following: Coastal, Sorrento Mesa, Del Mar, Miramar or Rancho Bernardo. Today I bid up to $85 for a 2.5* in these areas and I didn't get anything. My backup is a DaysInn at $90 and we are not happy about it. As far as I can tell there's a convention during those days that has about 15k people attending that may be keeping the hotel rates firm. Most 2.5 and 3* hotels in these areas have rack rates above $200 for these dates. A few (mostly Holiday Inns) have rack rates in the $140 to $170 range. Any advice on how high I may need to go to get a 2.5*? In this situation does it help to wait till the last week or is it better to suck it up and pay the price early. I know no one knows the answer, I am just looking for others opinions based on their prior experience. Thanks a lot!!!

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I looked at HOTWIRE for your dates, and it's no good per today. Downtown - Harbor Island and Gaslamp Quarter shows no inventory. Best is a 2.5* in National City for $89, other areas is very expensive!

Most certainly is there blockreservations made for the convention. And this is why the "lower" rated hotels are expensive. And I'm sure many participators has booked the "non convention rates hotels" also.

This is how I would do. Try to find the official site for the convention/what hotels that participates. Call one hotel and ask: I'm attending to the xxx convention, what is the deadline for convention rates etc. By now you maybe know the last day for booking.

1. Start bid again after the deadline or just before

2. If the deadline is over and "blocks" (if any) are released by now, your DaysInn looks like a great deal! But I would'nt go last minute in this case. Keep trying everyday up to your max. You never know.

How high you should go is up to you and how bad you want another hotel and, you know the racks rates. But I think that the hotels are keeping the PL inventory low. It's a big convention.

Good luck and keep the board updated.


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I agree with the others. $85 for a 2.5* is high enough to bid this far in advance. You've got your backup at $90 so you won't be without a room. (Which Days Inn did you reserve? There are several of them.) I'd keep trying to $85 for a 2.5* every couple days now.

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With this stay just about 2 weeks away, when is the convention deadline for booking hotel accomodations? (as inside of two weeks would be a short time to still have the 'convention guarantee' available)

Not sure how high you're willing to go, or how close the Days Inn is to your prefered location of Mission Valley, but as an alternate back-up reservation how about the Four Points San Diego (listed as in Mission Valley) for $133/nite.

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Hi All,

Thanks very much for the comments. I checked the website for the conference that week and Jun 30th seemed to be the deadline for hotel reservations and my bids up to 90 have failed the last coupla days (even after breaking up the 3 days in question). I checked some of the hotel websites and most Holiday Inns and Hilton family hotels have no availability for those days. So, we may not see much inventory at Priceline for those days. It looks to be the toughest week so far this year for SD hotels. I will wait for a few more days before changing the game plan. Worst case I have that backup reservation....

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Yes, prices for those three nights are high.

Did you bid to $90 for a 2.5* in all the zones you originally mentioned---Mission Valley, Coastal, Sorrento Mesa, Del Mar, Miramar, and Rancho Bernardo?

I notice you haven't included Downtown or Point Loma zones, which are also near Mission Valley. Are you trying to avoid certain hotels in those zones?

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Thanks everyone for the comments. I continued my bidding last week and finally got 2.5* Courtyard Rancho Bernardo for $105. Previous failed bid was $100. At that time that hotel had a rack rate of $199 for cancellable reservations and $179 for pre-paid. I bid in all the zones I mentioned up to $95. When I went above that, I did it only in Sorrento Mesa and RB based on the PL Hotel lists for those zones and the suitability of location for me. Now it looks like almost everything 2.5* and above is sold out for those dates and am glad I got something. As usual I accessed PL thru the savingsbarn.com link. I didn't bid in the downtown and Point Loma areas as I thought traffic could be unpredictable and maybe an issue for me.

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