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  1. Recently we booked a room for 2 adults and 2 children using Hotwire. The hotel gave us a room with a King bed and a sofa bed. When we contacted Hotwire support about it this is the reply I got from them saying the room we got will sleep the 4 persons we booked. Hotwire Reply: "I called the hotel and spoke with Jen who told me you were in a king suite. As that room does supply one king bed and one pull out, I cannot offer you any compensation for this booking, as it sleeps the number of guests booked. Hotwire guarantees all rooms booked will accommodate the appropriate number of guests in each room, based on the total number of guests and the number of rooms requested at the start of the search. "
  2. 2* San Diego (East County) Travelodge La Mesa $35 ... 12/30/08 - 1/4/09 A friend of mine got this. I will tell them to use the forum's links to access priceline.com. This is a new hotel to our list, please add.
  3. 3* San Diego (Sorrento Mesa) Staybridge Suites Sorrento Mesa $43 ... 12/31/08 - 1/4/09 Used the forum's link to access Priceline.com
  4. 2.5* Phoenix (Peoria - Sun City - Glendale) Staybridge Suites Phoenix-Glendale $50 ... 12/25/08 - 12/31/08 This is a new hotel for our list, please add. Staybridge Suites Phoenix-Glendale 2
  5. 3* LA-San Fernando Valley (Warner Center-Woodland Hills) Staybridge Suites Chatsworth $48 ... 12/24/08 - 12/25/08 First try. Used the forum's link to access Priceline.
  6. We stayed at that Marriott a few times. The last this past summer. They did not charge for the Fitness Room use. However they do charge for the Parking. Which hotels charged Priceline customers extra for their free breakfast. It would be interesting to know for others before bidding in those zones. Thanks!
  7. Hi Everyone, Thanks very much for all the replies. My friend had a direct reservation w/ the Hyatt (w/ some discount). He would've saved money, but didn't change his reservation this time as he was busy, new to doing the opaque provider booking and meeting somebody else who is also staying at the Hyatt. Thanks again!
  8. 3.5* Disnyland South Amenities: Fitness, pool, restaurant, business center, Internet, golf, tennis Trip Advisor: 3.5 out of 5 w/ 300+ ratings Dates : 12/19/08 - 12/21/08 - 2 nights This appears to be a match for Anaheim Hilton. quad occupancy query : 2+2 = $54; 3+1 = $69. double occupancy query seems to return the Crowne Plaza at $59 (same amenities and Trip advisor rating in both cases of the quad query. The list of amenities are the same for the Hyatt, but it has a 4.0 Trip advisor rating with less than 300 ratings). I am checking this for a friend of mine. I am confused by the two different rates given for quad occupancy based on how many adults and children are in the party. What kind of different rooms do they provide for 2+2 and 3+1 configurations? I was under the impression that either one should give a room with 2 beds. Based on the fact that for double occupancy, Hotwire offered the Crowne Plaza at $59, do you think the $54 offer for 2+2 is probably bogus (as when we actually try to book it, it may not be there?) Thanks!
  9. 2.5* Orlando (Airport) Amerisuites Orlando Airport West $32 ... 10/13/08 - 10/14/08 Used the forum's link to access PRICELINE.com Ended up not using this as we had to cut our trip short due to a family emergency.
  10. 2* Port St Lucie (Port St Lucie) Mainstay Suites $45 ... 10/10/08 - 10/11/08 Used the forum's link to access PRICELINE.com. This hotel needs to be added to our list. Thx. This hotel needs to be avoided. The rooms smelled bad, the shower in the bathroom is a very small stall, the windows didn't lock. I hope Priceline will downgrade this to 1*.
  11. I had a reservation at the Springhill Suites Pinehurst for 6 days starting from 7/28/08 at $89/day. I wanted to add 2 more nights at the beginning of the stay and the hotel website wanted $140/day. I thought I would try PRICELINE for those 2 nights and got the same hotel for $65/day. Go figure. Bidding for the original 5 nights thru PRICELINE wouldn't have worked as most hotels would've been full for some or all of those days. 2.5* Southern Pines (Southern Pines) Springhill Suites Pinehurst $65 ... 7/26/08 - 7/28/08 This is a new hotel for our list, please add. Accessed PRICELINE.com from the forum's links.
  12. From the Summer. 2.5* San Diego (Sorrento Mesa) Country Inn & Suites $70 ... 7/11/08 - 7/17/08 Accessed PRICELINE.com from the Forum's link.
  13. From the summer. Thought its better to report late than never as it may help the others who try to bid around the same time on the calendar. 3* San Diego (Del Mar) Doubletree Del Mar $51 ... 7/7/08 - 7/11/08 Accessed PRICELINE.com from the forum's link.
  14. From the summer.... 3* Inland Empire (Ontario) Marriott Airport $42 ... 7/5/08- 7/7/08 Used the forum's link to access PRICELINE.com
  15. I have a few things to report from this summer. For this one, I was able to change my airline reservation to an earlier arrival time. I bid for a rental car on Priceline at the last minute. I bid $18 for a full -size and was countered with a $21 and I took it. Here are the details. RDU July 26 - Aug 3 2008 National Car Rental Full Size, $21 I accessed PRICELINE from this forum's link to start the bid.
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