Las Vegas $20 trick?

By ThatThat,

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My questions are  as follows:  with inflation should I try and tip more or stay with the twenty bones?

I don't think more is necessary, but depends upon how much of an upgrade it is that you're seeking.

We are planning on going at the end of April and where planing on getting a lower level tier suite so would my chances be better getting a better suite or should i book a regular room and hope for a lower level tier?

Where is it that you plan on booking? If you book a regular room and are not able to get an upgrade, would it ruin your trip? If so, book the minimum room class that you would still be happy with and then anything you're able to get above that is a bonus.

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The $20 trick does work.. but it's certainly your mileage may vary. A LOT has to do with hotel occupancy levels, what is available at the time you check, flexibility given to employees to resolve issues, management team on duty, mood of front desk clerk, etc, etc.

Good luck!

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I've stayed in Vegas three times.


First time, Mirage, 5 years ago in October, I didn't have the nerve.


Second time, NYNY about 4 years ago in October, asked for a complimentary upgrade and didn't offer a tip. They pulled out a sheet with room descriptions and told me the prices of upgrading...which we just said we'd stay with the hotel we booked (through this site and through Hotwire)...and they upgraded us anway. Quite frankly, a strip view in the NYNY is not that great -- the roller coaster right beside the room. It was just a little bigger room, and we had to walk what seemed like a mile to get to it.


Third time was 2 years ago in April, MGM. The hotel was booked not through this site but as a good package deal. I did the $20 trick, and was upgraded to the same type room but with a strip view and given two breakfast buffets for it. Another hotel where we had to walk forever to get to, not sure if we'd have had the same if we took the original room, but the buffets were nice and we tanked up before our flight home. I think the $20 was worth it -- checking the prices a strip room (at the time) was only $5 more a night which made up for the $20, so we just got free breakfast but hey -- free breakfast.


We are thinking of going again and staying at a 5* this time, and yes -- will try the trick again. I think if you want an upgrade to book the room you want, and make sure the next upgrade up is quite a step up $$$ wise.

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