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  1. I used your Bidding Helper link, and got it there. $145, with taxes and fees $883.05. When I look at it when I click your link above, at $165/night it comes out to over $1100. Now it's giving me different "other hotels" though -- Fitzpatrick and Westgate, but the photo of the room is definitely the Even. Midtown East, though, not the south.
  2. If I click on the link and I just get the Hotwire home page -- is that deal gone? I am looking at Fifty on April 2-6 Also, the resort fee at the EVEN is more than the freaking taxes. Starting to get bummed out again...Thinking of booking an Air B&B, but the hubs is scared of them. Looking on my own, there's a Times Square 4* for $145 that is supposed to be the Even, the Bernic or the Doubletree. Complimentary Free internet Amenities Business centerFitness centerPet friendlyRestaurant(s)Smoke-free rooms Resort fee: $31 a night (t
  3. Ok - there’s a 25% off Amtrak discount we’ll try to use. It’s something. Go ahead and see what’s good for a Thu-Monday in April, Midtown, 3.5* and up. We will probably still go. 🙂 The Fifty looks nice but are open to others. We’ll feel like old farts at the Yotel. We appreciate you!
  4. Well, a few things. the BOGO offered by Amtrak isn’t for Roanoke -NYC. Went to book and it didn’t take . So I call and find out that it’s for “long distance” route only. 9 hours on a train apparently is only a mid-distance trip 🤷🏻‍♀️. so there’s that. Now I have to make a decision on should we go or not? Last year Amtrak had a BOGO over Valentines Day. Not sure if they will again, or if restrictions apply like this one. Not zippy excited about having to check in and out of two hotels. if it’s for the same hotel, would we have to check
  5. If we shift the dates a day, Apr 16-20, do prices change terribly? Being there Monday...just isn’t attractive with most theatres dark.
  6. Ok 1) We are open to staying over the weekend, but Sunday and Monday evening theatre options are limited. It USED to be that theatres were dark Sunday and Monday evenings...and while that isn't always the case anymore, there aren't many options. Matinees are hard to do (post lunch sleepies - since we fell asleep due to travel-lag during A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder we haven't done matinees). So, we tend to avoid being there Sunday and Monday, just because of that. But I suppose we can do matinees and sleep when we're dead. We can leak a few days into March or May, too...
  7. We would like to go to NYC in April. Amtrak is offering buy one get on tickets on the line from our city if you book by Jan 12. Blackout dates are April 10 and 13th. We will book this first then start looking for a hotel. Any time particularly bad or good during the month? (Ie. big convention in town) Of course the weather will be better later in the month but if that is “super expensive NYC time” we won’t go then. We would to stay centrally located (going for Broadway mostly) so ESB/MSG north to CPS and in between. We know there is more to NYC than midtown but that is
  8. My apologies for the late response. We didn't go so thank you for your advice and I'm closing this thread.
  9. Hello! We'd like to get a nice hotel for the night in the West End, Midlothian or Midlothian South (Priceline) area, last 2 which have 3.5* as the highest rating, which is preferred but 3* can work if there just isn't anything. Would like to stay for $75 a night (before fees, taxes) if possible. We are driving in, so we'd like the amenity of free parking. Not sure if we should get a Name Your Own Price, Express deal, or Hotwire deal. If NYOP, please give a bidding strategy? They seem to be moving away from this though... Please advise. Thank you!
  10. Good guess! I went with the third option (I honestly flipped a coin -- couldn't decide) and got the SpringHill Suites by Marriott New Orleans Downtown/Canal Street. Regular price on Priceline is $132. With taxes, fees, and protection total came to $406.68 Thank you for your help!
  11. Would staying in the French Quarter be “better” or “worse”? (Or Downtown) Also, we are knocking out a day so Sept 30-Oct 4 instead of 5, would that make any difference with these you recommend? 4 nights.
  12. Oh, it just looked cool. 😄 We aren't married to that one. We trust you and your knowledge. Can you recommend a few higher rated hotels in a better location that fits our budget? We see a few on Hotwire that are $100 or so, that would be magnificent. We can't do Sunday -- The hubs is a letter carrier and while he has that day off, it would be a scramble to either pack before or fly home, rest up, etc. before he'd have to be at work early the next day. Honestly, flights are $10 difference in the dates. The big spendy thing will be the hotel.
  13. Hello, Hubs and I are planning on New Orleans for September 30-October 5 OR October 1-6 (depending on flight and hotel prices -- maybe you know if staying M-Sa or Tu-Sun would be better price wise? Like how hotels in NYC are better on the weekends but Vegas is better during the week! -- The price difference flight wise is only $10 more Sep30-Oct5. We'd like to stay in Downtown New Orleans or French Quarter for 5 nights. We are eyeing the Q&C HotelBar, which is a 3.5*. Currently, the rate we are seeing if we book a package online is at $520 pp for the 5 n
  14. We've decided not to go. Thank you for your help and please mark this thread closed.
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