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By mrxow,

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Sorry if this is not in the right section or if it has been discussed elsewhere...

A couple of months ago, I think, Priceline sent an email that they now had a feature where you could look at various cities and see the zone, star level and accepted price of some recent bids. I looked at it quickly and commented to my wife that I was amazed they were offering this information. I haven't been making a lot of PL bids lately and forgot about it, but recently was trying to find the link on their site to this again. I didn't see anything there. I would not be surprised if they removed it. I was surprised they put it up in the first place. Has anybody seen this? Did anybody else see this? Am I just missing the link on their site?

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Yep, that is it. Thanks. I just didn't look hard enough and haven't used the site in a while.

Has anybody compared what they "admit" people getting to some of the lowest bids that are really accepted? It seems to me they might not want to post some of the really low accepted bids...

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It seemed that way to me, too, though I think I saw one for $70 on Fremont in Vegas for a 4* which somebody on here just said they could not get. That could just be the difference between weekend and weekday, probably. I am very curios, though, if those are random results or if they are skewed high intentionally by PL... :)

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Ok I just discovered this feature but I'm noticing that they don't post wins or something. I've checked tons of popular cities you'd think people would be bidding on (NYC, LA, etc) including a number of others and I've not gotten any bid results. I checked last night and all day today and nothing.

How often do they post these supposed wins?

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