Hotwire Hotel: Myrtle Beach 3.5 Star Help!!

By LglBlonde,

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Okay, I've been checking these dates for a few weeks.

Under Vacation Package, a search for these dates USED to turn up

3.5 star; Beach Access, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, KITCHNEN, Business, Golf, Tennis - saying it was Embassy Suites at Kingston Plantation.

SInce yesterday, this same VP search has turned up the same amenities, but calling it Kingston Plantation Condominiums. Kingston Plantation is a HUGE "resort" area, with several types of accomodations. So, I figured, I'll call and ask what you get with Hotwire. So, i spoke with the Revenue Manager, who said if you get KPC, it's a 2 bedroom condo unit. Great! Perfect for my needs.

As of yesterday, a regular hotel search for these dates turned up the exact same star level and amenities for $122/nt. Wonderful price.

TODAY - I do the same search and the amenities have changed to: 3.5 star, Beach Access, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Business, Golf, Tennis, Spa, Laundry. I.E., no KITCHEN icon, which is what I really need! It is also $121/night now. I'm concerned b/c I don't know WHAT i'd be getting now. Is it possible they have changed the icons, but I'd still be getting the same room?

In other words, if I were to have won a room while it said Kitchen, is it true they would have had to have given me a unit WITH a kitchen? My concern is this place does have one type of room they call a one bedroom that does not have a kitchen.

If I can get this to come up with the Kitchen icon under the regular hotel again, I'm thinking I'll hop on it.

Also, has anyone ever bought the Hotel/Car package without needing the car? This place is $167/nt with the car option, which is still a good $100 off the regular room rates, and that way I'm pretty sure I'm guaranteed the Kitchen since that icon is coming up under VP.

TIA Jenni

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It seems that the Embassy Suites is actually on the grounds of the Kingston Planation (or am i interpretting this incorrectly?)

I would think that if you booked via the hotel product where there is no kitchenette amenity then you could be given a room without one. Given that the non-opaque offering does show a kitchenette then they would have to give you one given that's what you're 'guaranteed' (if for some reason you weren't given one you'd have a pretty good argument for compensation from Hotwire).

It's possible that you'd get a kitchenette thru either booking and that they just aren't disclosing all the amenities, but we have no way of knowing for certain if the Vacation Product offerings are booked as a different room class than the opaque Hotel offerings.

How friendly was the revenue manager? :) (was he quite helpful and talkative? maybe he could clue you into the differences... or maybe he was disturbed by the phone call and is the reason for the change?)

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Yes, ES is a part of KPC.

The Revenue Manager was a she, and actually, somewhat helpful. I *still* get the feeling it was changed based on my phone call. I'd been checking every day for a good three weeks before hand and a day after the phone call it changed....

Also, my issue with them was could I have 6 girls staying in one unit if it was fully prepaid w/o them demanding add'l charges from me at check-in. I got two different answers, but the final one from the Rev. Mgr was no, they would not charge extra at check-in IF I won the 2 BR variety, but YES if I won the ES variety.

Incidentally, since we have 8-10 girls going, I decided this was too risky. I kept researching and found a 2 BR/2 BA condo in a BRAND new building opening 4-15-04 for $231/nt. It sleeps 10 also, so we only need one unit as opposed to two, so I couldn't pass it up! Also no three or seven night minimum!!

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