Priceline Hotel: 3* Los Angeles (Beverly Hills-West Hollywood) Hyatt West Hollywood

By coast2coast21,

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Okay, i've never done this before with priceline.

I'm going to LA from April 26th-May 1st (5 nights) and want to get a 3 or 4* hotel for as cheap as possible.

How exactly should I do this? I've read plenty of suggestions and tips such as the re-bidding tactic, but for the first time I would like for someone to assist me step-by-step.

I want to get a 4* for maybe 90$/night, and a 3-star for $70/night. Even cheaper, if possible.

And those numbers are factoring in fees/taxes. I know for a 5 night stay that $90/night is going to be more like $105/night.

Any help would be appreciated. I would like to stay close to Hollywood or maybe downtown LA. Anywhere that's not too far from sunset blvd. and anywhere else all the clubs are.

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If you want to be near the clubs on Sunset then you don't want to bid Downtown. That's nowhere near. West Hollywood-Beverly Hills and Hollywood zones are closest. Any hotel you win in those zones will charge to park. That's how LA is. 3* in West Hollywood-Beverly Hills is your best bet. If you win the Hyatt you'll be right where you want to be. You might win some other 3* hotel too, but none of them will be too far from Sunset.

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^ Is it $20 to park for my entire stay....or is it per day?

And I don't mind driving 10 miles or so to get to sunset, I just don't want to have to drive 20-25 miles to get to where I need to go.

I'm going to be going to a Dodger game on a Thursday, and a concert at house of blues on sunset on monday, and the 3 nights in between I plan on going to clubs. So anywhere near those proximities would be good.

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Parking charges are almost always per day.

Priceline is usually a little cheaper than hotwire, but HOTWIRE gives you the ability to target a specific hotel (or have an educated guess as to the property beforehand)... which may come in handy if trying to avoid/reduce extra charges (such as parking)

You will not get a reducated rate due to a multiple nite stay... it's usually a "non-factor", but when it is a factor, it is usually a negative one. See SPLITTING YOUR PRICELINE BID for more info.

Exactly which zones, as defined by priceline, are you willing to bid? What is your maximum bid at each star level before taxes and fees?

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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The West Hollywood Hyatt is across the street from House of Blues, where you're going on Monday night. Is it worth a splurge to stay there one night and economize on the other nights? You can get drunk as you want and not worry about driving. Even if you don't drink it would be a convenient arrangement.

Hyatt charges $18 a night to park. If you stay far away and drive to House of Blues you'll still be paying to park because free street parking is virtually impossible to find near Sunset at night. You might even be paying to park twice---once at your distant hotel and again at HOB.

Hyatt is $209 on April 30. Hotwire has a 3.5* hotel that appears to be the Hyatt for $151. (No guarantee though.) Priceline usually has the Hyatt for less than Hotwire, but there's no guarantee you'd win the Hyatt. The Hyatt comes up more often than anything else though. If you decide to try Priceline for that one night I'd suggest $90 for a 3* in the West Hollywood zone, starting your bid with the PRICELINE link at SavingsBarn.com.

If you want to stay at the Hyatt all five nights Hotwire has that for $143/night, plus parking. Or you could bid $80 for a 3* on Priceline and go up from there.

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4* hotels in the West Hollywood-Beverly Hills zone almost always require a Priceline bid of $110 or higher.

The 3* West Hollywood Hyatt really does sound like a good match for you though, as it's right on Sunset and near a bunch of clubs. The 4* hotels are further west in Beverly Hills, a quieter area. You'd have to drive to the clubs (and probably pay a second time to park) or take a cab.

Is there a reason you want to stay at a 4* hotel? The difference between 4* and 3* is pretty fuzzy sometimes. The only LA zones where you're likely to win a 4* for less than $90 are Downtown and the Airport and there's really not much to do in those areas compared to Hollywood/WeHo.

Whether you're bidding for all five nights in WeHo, or two or three nights, or just the last night I would start bidding at $85 for a 3*. Then wait 24 hours and go $5 higher each day, until you win or reach your limit.

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Wally is there any other 3* hotels around house of blues or on sunset? Or any on Hollywood blvd. near the clubs?

I don't have to have a 4*, I just want the best I can get for no more than $100 per night, and I thought maybe I could get a 4* for that price. If I have to get a 3*, that's fine. I just want something nice, because last time I went to LA I went the cheap route and spent 5 nights in a 2*. I don't want to do that again.

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I just want the best I can get for no more than $100 per night, and I thought maybe I could get a 4* for that price

Well I'm sorry but I don't think you can get a 4* near the clubs for under $100 on those dates.

My suggestion is to go for the 3* in WeHo-BH, starting at $85 and bidding up to $100. Keep in mind that parking will be extra. More than 90% of 3* wins in that zone are at the Hyatt but no guarantee that's the hotel that will come up.

Other possibilities under $100:

Try $85 for a 3* in Hollywood or $70 for a 2.5* in West Hollywood.

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You need to know how to determine your re-bid zones yourself, as they should be checked before every bidding cycle so that you don't end up in an area you don't want.

Read Priceline Re-Bidding Explained and we'll answer any questions you have and/or help you overcome anything you don't understand.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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^ What is the best way to determine the re-bid zones?

If I want a 3* or 4* hotel in Hollywood or West Hollywood, what should I do?

Should I search for hotels in the general area (which would be Los Angeles) and then see the different sub-areas in that region? By doing that, it will show me the sub-areas and what * level hotels are there. So whatever one of those doesn't have 3* or 4* hotels would qualify as a rebidding zone?

Did that make sense?

And is that the correct way to do it? Or is there a better way?

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"If you want to stay at the Hyatt all five nights Hotwire has that for $143/night, plus parking. Or you could bid $80 for a 3* on Priceline and go up from there."

Wally, after doing some homework....I think the Hyatt is where I want to stay.

I bid up to $90 for 5 nights in hollywood and west hollywood and I'm still getting turned down? It seems like people have got the Hyatt for $80 or so....am I having bad luck? Or is it because i'm staying 5 nights? Any ideas?

One more question Wally, since you seem to be familiar with the area. If I can't get the Hyatt in West Hollywood for $90 or less....should I just stay at one of the LAX hotels or in downtown LA. It seems like I can get a 4* in those 2 areas for around $70 (Westin, I think?). How far is the drive from the those areas to Sunset/Hollywood? Also, I'm from the Bay Area and I will be driving down there, so I will have my car to get around. I don't mind driving 15-20 minutes to get to Hollywood if it means I'm saving $30 a night on the hotel room. And how is traffic in those areas? Sorry for all the questions, but thanks a lot for your help.

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I'm sorry I don't have time to answer all your questions now.

I think the five night stay is probably the problem. You need to break this up.

I suggest you bid $90 for a 3* in Beverly Hills/WeHo for just your last two nights, Sunday and Monday. You don't need to wait 24 hours to do that because you're bidding for a new set of dates.

Post whether that works and we can talk about the other three nights after. You'll feel much better about this if you get a couple nights settled now.

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I live in Los Angeles. All hotels here charge for parking. The only hotel that I know of that doesn't charge for parking is the courtyard in burbank but they dont accept priceline. all the hotels through priceline charge for parking, even the crappy ones. it's just another way for them to make more money. Stay away from the hotels downtown especially the Bonaventure where the parking is like 30 bucks a night. So I think you find a hotel and the parking is 10 bucks, it's a bargain.

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You'll enjoy Hollywood or West Hollywood more than Downtown or the Airport. You'll still pay to park Downtown or the Airport. You can find driving distances on Mapquest. Traffic is bad everywhere.

My suggestion: Keep working on smaller pieces, trying to win any nights you can in Hollywood or WH for $90 or less.

Next step: Still bidding for Sunday and Monday only, bid $75 for a 3* in Hollywood. If rejected add WH/BH and bid $90.

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zeroone, can you tell me how far the drive is from downtown LA to hollywood.

Also, from the airport to hollywood?


It depends, I guess the question I should be asking you is, What time of day?

Try not to drive on the freeways between 6-9am, and 4-7pm. it is usually

gridlocked during those times. But if you must hop on the 101, or the 10, or the 405

during those times, expect to take much longer to get to your destination.

From downtown to Hollywood it's only about 15-20 mins during non rush hour traffic. Hell

if its midnight i can make it from hollywood to downtown in 10 mins down the 101.

its only 6 miles away.

from hollywood to the airport it will take longer since LAX is much further south and west. about 20 miles.

during non rush hour times, expect it to take half hour or longer. i can get to LAX after 9pm in 25 mins.

but if you do it at noon, it could take much longer since from hollywood your going south on the 101, to the 110S to the 10W to the 405s.

i would get familar with a map and look at the many side streets, lots of streets run parralel to the highways.

or better yet, invest in a GPS, i have a Garmin streetpilot 2720 and it automatically detours me around traffic. its a must have in LA.

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^ Thanks.

Traffic during the day won't bother me too much. The only time I have to be somewhere during traffic hours would be a dodgers game at 7pm. Other than that I just plan on going to clubs at night, which would obviously be after 10 pm. So I shouldn't have to worry about traffic at that time. During the day, i'll probably just be killing time at the shopping centers.

So downtown to Hollywood without traffic is only 10-15 minutes, huh? I might just do that. I think i'm thinking too much though. Even if I stay downtown, people are saying the parking prices are $30 a day. That pretty much negates any money I would be saving by getting a $60 hotel in downtown as opposed to a $90 in Hollywood.

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