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  1. are the coupon codes provided at the top of your website only able to be used one time?
  2. it has been pretty easy in recent years to figure out which hotwire hotel you're getting. All you had to do was match up the number of reviews on a hidden hotel to the number of reviews on a standard, non-hidden hotel. Pretty much every hidden hotel had a non-hidden counterpart. Now, there are barely any non-hidden hotel results. For example, after I select my filters, there might be 6 hidden hotel results but only 1 (or none) non-hidden results and so I'm unable to match them up to figure out what I'm getting. Before, there would be maybe 5 non-hidden results if there was 6 hidden results. Basically, everything is a secret rate hotel now with no standard rate hotels. Is anyone else noticing this?
  3. Is this always accurate? I'm searching for July 18-21st and there's a 4* for $94 that says this... But the standard search shows that PH is sold out? I don't want to end up with something other than PH if I take that hotel.
  4. Don't have anything planned yet.... thanks. That sucks that they removed the zone that was strictly the Trump.
  5. ...move the Trump back into the same zone as Palazzo and Venetian?
  6. I'm looking for a room in NYC from Jan. 7th-13th, 2014. Unlike other regions, there are way too many hotels so it's probably tough to narrow down and aim for a particular hotel. I am looking for a bigger room... maybe a studio or condo. I see a 3.5* condo in UPPER EAST SIDE for $129... but I don't see the UPPER EAST SIDE zone on the hotel list, so I'm unable to narrow it down. Hotwire says the last person got the Marmara Manhattan. Is there a particular hotel that is often won in NYC that people are generally happy with? If so, which hotel is that?
  7. The dates were June 5th-20th. With those dates, the price was $61/night. We broke them down to two stays because it was cheaper. June 5th-14th = $61/night. June 14th-20th = $58/night. It came out cheaper that way, although the taxes added up to more. Does anyone know why the taxes are more for shorter stays?
  8. Oh shi*t. I meant to type "posting to confirm that TradeWinds is now* 3*." Sorry about that.
  9. I posted all of the amenities in my original post... the hotel is TradeWinds.
  10. Forgot to mention that the listing I saw a few days ago that did match the 3.5* TradeWinds has since disappeared... I guess I'll just have to pull the trigger.
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