Priceline Hotel: 2* Chattanooga (Airport CHA) La Quinta

By pokerchick66,

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There is no "identifying" Priceline hotels as they don't give regarding the property until after it is purchased. Any hotels reported in this area would be found in our Priceline Hotel List for this area.

For HOTWIRE hotels, there is likely more than one hotel at each star rating in a given zone... if you would like help trying to ID a specific property please include the date(s) of your stay as well as the full list of amenities that HOTWIRE associates with the hotel being offered.

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Well this is what I meant by "identifying". Maybe I used the wrong word but I see that you have some properties listed already for Priceline. For example:

Chattanooga (Airport CHA)

2* LaQuinta

Chattanooga (Downtown)

3* Marriott at the Convention Center

3* Sheraton Read House

2.5* Holiday Inn

I was just wondering if anybody might know the 2* properties for the Lookout Mountain area.

Same with Hotwire.

The dates are June 1 thru June 4.


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All hotels reported to the board would be in the hotel list referenced above. If there are none for a specific zone, then no hotels have yet been reported in that area.

For HOTWIRE, we can sometimes ID them even if they're not already reported... which is why we asked that you post the date(s) of your stay and the amenities that HOTWIRE associates with the property being offered.

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While this property has not yet been identified, the Days Inn seems to be a pretty good fit and that would be our best guess.

Please use this HOTWIRE link to begin any purchases you make.

Let us know how it goes or whatever you end up doing for this stay or if we can be of further help.,

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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Huh. That's weird. It's still showing up when I access it.

And I just wanted to thank you for helping me so far. I think I'm leaning toward Priceline anyway. I'm very surprised no one has reported what hotel Priceline gives you in Lookout Mountain. lol, they're prolly scared to take the risk. I want to chance it so bad but I'm scared they're going to give me the Days Inn/Tiftonia. Do they have a LaQuinta at Lookout Mountain? Since that's the one they give you at the airport.

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Due to the way HOTWIRE links are constructed, the link you posted wont' work on anyone elses computer.

The 2.5* i'm currently showing for your dates only has the following amenities: Complimentary Breakfast and Pool.

You can't assume that you'll get a given brand in the Lookout zone simply because that's the brand that is offered in the Airport zone... it could work out that way, but it wouldn't be due to the correlation between the brand offered in each zone. You can search the La Quinta website to see if they have a property offered in the Lookout zone.

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Wow, I see 1*, 2*, 2.5*, and 3* on my current Hotwire search.

I'm not interested in Hotwire any longer, though. I'm very interested in Priceline. I'm still holding out hope that someone is going to come in from out of nowhere and tell me what Lookout Mountain hotel you get with Priceline.

lol, think that'll ever happen?

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lol, I thought about that but I'm SCARED! It seems like Lookout Mountain would be more ideal than the airport area since it has Rock City and the Incline. And the airport area is farther away from all the attractions, right?

I am planning on seeing Rock City, the Incline, the Aquarium and the Chattanooga Ducks and possibly the riverboat cruise. I'm seriously thinking about the La Quinta in the airport area cuz I saw another post here where the guy got it for $27 and the hotel seemed adequate enough for the price and it had a nice pool and continental breakfast (I'm bringing two kids). Let me ask you this: If you had the choice to stay at either the airport area or the foot of Lookout Mountain, which would you choose?

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I know nothing about the Chattanooga area, so i'm not really in a position to comment as to which is better.

I will add though, that i wouldn't bid 2* expecting the La Quinta... you need to be comfortable receiving any hotel at that star level. You may very well receive that property... but then again you may not. We don't see much bidding in this area, so i wouldn't expect the hotel lists to be as complete as another area, such as NYC or Chicago, which are bid more frequently.

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The La Quinta will be just off of I-75 near the Hamilton Place Mall. It is the only

LaQuinta showing in the Chattanooga area on LaQuinta's website. Surrounding the

Mall are dozens of restaurants offering any type of food you can think of whereas the

foot of Lookout Mountain may have 1 or 2 restaurants and nothing to do in the evening

or night. On the other side of the Mall from your motel is Gunbarrel Road. There is

a Walmart on Gunbarrel in case you need to pick up something you forgot to bring with

you. Heading towards Chattanooga from your motel you start out on I75. But within

a few miles I75 turns left towards Atlanta and you will stay straight towards Chattanooga

on what becomes I24. Up through the cut in Missionary Ridge and over the ridge you

will see Lookout Mountain on your left and downtown towards your right. The exit

for Lookout mountain is clearly marked. Also on top of the mountain in addition to

Rock City (you can see 7 states from there) also make a stop at Point Park and the Ochs

observatory. While you are in the Aquarium area, there is

a scenic walk along the Tennessee river that leads up to the Walnut Street Bridge.

Long since closed to auto's it is a great walk across to a park area on the North side of the

river. Have a great stay.

Regards, Keoni :)

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Yes, the LaQuinta would be Airport but in reality it is

5 or 6 miles away so it is not like you are staying "at the airport"...

This motel will be about 20 minutes from the Lookout Mountain

foot, which would be where she will take the ride on the Incline

Railway. Until fairly recently it was called "The Worlds Steepest

Mile" which means a cable car going up the side of a mountain.

However, I believe this distinction now goes to somewhere in

Colorado so the Incline is now called "The Worlds Most Amazing

Mile..." As you go up Lookout Mountain in the Incline, the top of

the car is glass windows as you are basically perpendicular with

the ground, and you look out through the roof at the surrounding

area. Pretty neat and worth the effort. The Tennessee River makes

a bend just below and it is referred to as Moccasin Bend because

from the mountain it appears to be in the shape of an Indian

Moccasin. Lookout Mountain is where the civil war battle called

"Battle Above the Clouds" took place and after the battles in

Chattanooga and Chickamauga, Georgia General Sherman made

his "March to the sea..." Regards, Keoni :)

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