Hotwire Hotel: 3.5* Philadelphia (City Center West) Sheraton City Center

By OldRelayer,

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Hello all. New to bidding, although picking it up pretty quick. I was trying to get a room at the Hyatt at Penn's. But something in one of the review post leads me to believe it might be the wrong choice. We are going to a concert at the outskirts of Philadelphia, arriving a day early and wanted to tour the city by foot. It seems like starting from this hotel is a bit of a tricky maneuver. Although it just occurred to me that for $10, we probably could take a cab a couple of blocks to the district and still stay here.

The thing about bidding on the Hyatt is that your pretty assured of getting the hotel you want, where as if your drop to a 3* there are a few more choices and after reading the reviews not all good ones. The whole deal with Priceline is you just don't know where you will be staying, a big trade of, your save in some cases major money and in some cases not that much but give up control.

I will be posting my bid experience so far for April 17 - 19, as it turns out on the 14 rates start going up dramatically from 209 to $259 and even to $344 in May. My last bid was $105 when 2 days before we probably could have gotten the room for $67, as many people have been seeing.

My question here is not so much on bidding, but rather how do I get a really nice room, with access to the tourist traps and of cours not get my car banged up with valet parking, for it will be a rental and don't want that.

Is there an option to stay out of town, but so close to mass transportation that it is an easy hop to the city for the day, that's another option, although the 3* hotel in Cherry Hill for instance is not liked by anyone.

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Thanks for the reply and the information. Hotwire at the moment doesn't seem like a great bargain, it is actually about $10 more than the hotel website. I will eventually get the hotel I want, but it will be a bit more costly than I initially thought. One other question about Hotwire, do the prices go down as the dates become closer and the hotel hasn't booked to capacity? If that is the case trying to get a room now for April 17 - 19 may be premature and I have also thought that it might be a little too early for Priceline as well. I do know that there is an Urban Planning Conference during that week that is suppose to bring in 5,000 people, which to me doesn't sound like a big deal for a city Philadelphia's size and it would seem that there will always be something going on that brings in thousands of people.

And yes you are a friendly bunch, I have tried another site that do this kind of thing and they made is sound like you wanted a kidney if you asked a question and God forbid expect it. Keep up the good work and I will definitely use your links.

Thanks for your help,


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I am looking for a hotel in downtown Philadelphia, really want the Hyatt, but it might not be easy to do, I am already way above what I was expecting to pay. HOTWIRE is listing a 3.5* hotel for $146 for the nights we are looking for. I am not an experience Hotwirer and actually only have done one thing with a priceline hotel so I really don't know what to expect. Is there only one hotel for each star level that hotwire uses, in other words, If I research this Shearaton and I like it and accept their $146 offer, will this likely to be the right hotel? Is Hotwirer's fee in this $146 or do I have to add tax plus their take to the $146? There is a big Urban Planning Conference that week in Philadelphia and the hotel rates are out of sight for that week, so this $146 for a nice hotel with a resturant would be good. Parking in downtown Philadelphia is a big variable, I have seen as little as $20 a day at the Hyatt and as much as $36 a day at many other places. I calculate that into the price of the hotel, in other words I can pay $16 more for the Hyatt and still be even or $162 if the Sheraton had $36 parking. I am off to reseach the Sheraton. Actually spent Sunday night at the Sheraton in South Portland Maine this weekend, very nice but for the after thought dinning, we went to the Marriot to eat.

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I assumed your most recent post was for this same stay so we have moved it here (please keep all posts for the same stay in the same thread)... if this is incorrect please let us know.

HOTWIRE usually deals with more than one hotel at each star level in each zone... however, they will only show you one hotel at each star level (presumably the least expensive one) in each zone.

What is the star rating, zone, and amenities of the hotel you are refering to above?

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Is there an option to stay out of town, but so close to mass transportation that it is an easy hop to the city for the day, that's another option, although the 3* hotel in Cherry Hill for instance is not liked by anyone.

Will you have a car? Which hotel are you referring to? If you stay in Cherry Hill, there are several bus routes into Philadelphia operated by NJ Transit that stop at the Cherry Hill Mall. A better alternative is to take the PATCO High Speed Line from NJ into Philly; Collingswoood, Westmont and Woodcrest Stations are fine but have limited parking.

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I have been trying to get an upscale hotel in Philadelphia for about 2 weeks. I was up way too high on my bids on Priceline.com and was hoping to get the Hyatt, I suspect they are booked.

Then I saw angelalovestotravel's post about the Sheraton, we just spend Sunday night at the Sheraton in South Portland Maine, all and all a nice night. This morning when I checked it was $146, then it went up to $149 an hour later and then to $127 an hour later, wow, I had no idea the prices changed so rapidly, I grab it, I thought it was a good buy, this week is a hard one in Philadelphia a big Urban Planning Conference, I was surprised, this hotel is pretty near to the convention center, I thought I would have to go out of the city to get anything for this price. I am not very experienced at this, but every time in the past I looked at Hotwire, it didn't seem like a great buy, and many of them are still not a good buy, even now all the 3* hotels on hotwire are over $175 and some over $200, except this one that is right now $134, wow(4 changes in price in less than 4 hours). I am not going to look again, don't want to know I could have done better.

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Thanks, for your post.

Yes your right I was shying away from Cherry Hill, The Windham is apparently Priceline's hotel of choice, a falling down relic of a Hotel according to everyone.

I wasn't haven't much luck with Priceline for any 3 or 4 star hotel downtown. But surprising I did find a decent buy considering the week that it is at a 3 1/2 according to Hotline hotel, The Sheraton Center City West. Talk about being diligent and having to know what your looking at. The price of this hotel changes 4 times in less than 4 hours, 146, 149, 127, 134. I booked it at $127 and someone posted that parking was only $10, that would be a bargain. It has an on site resturant and walking distance to all the things we want to see, I think we did ok, considering. At the moment, I am just glad I have that loose end close up, things undone, drive me crazy.



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I didn't know it would count as the same thread, a different hotel, rating and vendor.

Yes I used your HOTWIRE link, actually I didn't know about Hotwire before and until this offer came up I wasn't too impressed, I guess it is the kind of site you really have to know what you are doing and when to buy.

I don't have a Hotwire account and I don't really know what you mean by amenities, but I see people post the following kind of information. I guess you might be interested in the actual Hotwire charges more than anything else.

1 room(s) @ $127.00 per night x 2 night(s)

Taxes, recovery charges, and fees

Hotel subtotal $254.00




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The big one for us is a good restaurant. We won't get to the hotel till 8 or 8:30 and I don't want to be wondering around looking for a place to eat. Most of the 3* down town Hotels didn't have that but all either said or even listed with mileage local restaurants all supposedly within walking distance. That was the reason we wanted a 4* Hotel that had better facilities, but this might be better, with walking distance of many of the things we want to see and do.

* Indoor Pool

* Complimentary Fitness Facility

* 24-Hour Business Center

* Valet Service and Self Parking Facilities

* Concierge Service

* Room Service

* Jogging Path

* Luggage Storage

* Covered Parking Facilities (Charge)

* Gift Shop

* Safe Deposit Boxes

Not sure about the parking, it looks like parking outside is free and covered is a fee, I did read in someones review that parking was $10, which would be very good, either free or $10 would be great. I also read somewhere that there is a PC area for guests that is free but high speed in your room is a charge, but I don't know this for sure. But the Sheraton we stayed at this weekend had a room with two PC for the use of guests. I like this feature because I don't have a laptop.

Ok, this is from Hotwire.

This Hotel features the following amenities:

Fitness Center



Business Center

High-speed Internet Access

Tennis Nearby

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There is no free parking at this hotel and street parking is metered, you will need to carry two pockets full of quarters to feed the meters. There is a nearby garage operated by the Philadelphia Parking Authority that charges $16 per 24 hours for parking, you can't move it in and out during the day though. However, on weekends they list the rate as being $5 if you enter after 5 pm on FRIDAY and leave by 9 am on MONDAY. Probably the best parking deal in the city if you are in town for the weekend.

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This is during the week. It will be a rental car that is going to be more of a pain that it is worth. If it wasn't for the event we are going to Wednesday night, about 20 miles out of town, I think we wouldn't even need a car and I should have booked it for Wednesday and saved a ton, I might try to change it. I am confused, there are hours that you can't get your car either in or out? Do you know the exact hours that this applies?

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my bad! This garage operates 24 hours a day, if your remove your car, you will have to pay as you leave. If you return, you will get a new ticket and your parking charges will begin anew. Click on the link from my previous post and you will get all the info for this garage. This garage is not affiliated with the hotel, it is operated by the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Having a car is a pain, you should be able to walk to the convention center from the Sheraton (and stop at the Reading Terminal Market for breakfast!) You may want to check with the hotel and see if they have a car rental desk and just rent for the day trip, take a cab or a shuttle to and from the airport.

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Not sure why I don't get email notification, sorry for the delay. That does make a little bit more sense.

Actually your system of just renting a car for the night is really sane. Not sure if I can get out of the rental car, I might be able to, they didn't charge my CC. If we take a cab from the airport, we will probably be in our hotel an hour earlier than renting a car, sounds good to me, and then have to go through the hassle off parking the care.

The next day, we hadn't plan to drive the car at all until after 5:00PM to go to an event and then that is it. I have been trying to learn as much as I can about the area and it seems that The Reading Terminal is only 4 blocks from the Hotel. My plan was to do some historic tourist things, have lunch, do a bit more of the same. It sounds like a very easy city to get around in by foot. The whole reason we wanted a downtown hotel, actually I think the Sheraton is probably going to work out better than the Hyatt would have, as I understand it, the Hyatt is close but not easy to get down town, on of those, you can see it but can't get to it things, been through that many times in Boston, also a great old city. The other thing I like about the Sheraton as opposed to many of the 3* hotels down town, is that there are 3 restaurants or at least places to eat without leaving the building. I bought a coupon for Shula's Steakhouse which takes the edge off a bit, where a it is reputed that two steaks, two potatoes and two waters will cost you over $100, ouch. I bought a $50 coupon for $10, seems like a great deal to me.

I will look into renting a car through the hotel, I actually only need the car for about 4 or 5 hours and not even that, if I could get someone going to the same event we are to give us a ride (not likely to happen).

I think I figured out why I wasn't getting emails notification, changed my setting, hopefully will get them now.

Thanks Guys,


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when visiting Philadelphia, the best way to see the tourist stuff is to use the Phlash bus, but this service does not begin until May 25 and runs until September 3, 2007. This website also has links to Philly tourist sites as well. Many of the Historical areas are in the Old City part of town near Independance Hall, around 5th and chestnut.

as far as what to see, there are many museums: Franklin Institute, Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Archaeology (on Univeresity of Penn campus), African American Museum, Rodain Museum, Mutter Museum just to name a few....even a Mummer's Museum that pays homage to the annual New Year's Mummer's Parade.

As far as Historical sites, these include: Independance Hall, The US Mint, Betsy Ross House, The US Constitution Center, Liberty Bell, Christ Church, and McGillin's Olde Ale House (one of the oldest, continuously operated Pubs in the US). Just outside Philly is Valley Forge Park, the film that depicts the winter encampment makes one appreciate the tremendous sacrifice that was required to establish our country.

Good luck

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Thanks guys for the posts. I am getting an idea of the topography using points on Mapquest and tapping them together, rather comical, but it gives me a better idea of the distance. There is a big difference between the 4 blocks that the Sheraton web site talks about to Reading Terminal and the real 3/4 plus that I can see on mapquest. I think a good plan and spending a few dollars on short taxi rides will help the situation. I am afraid that the day will run away pretty quickly and never see anywhere near what you want to. What further complicates it is that I thought we were getting a 7:00PM flight out, at first I thought that was good, less stress on us(and that is probably true) but when the confirmation came it was 7:00AM. I suppose I could complain and get the later flight but not so sure I want to get into Portland at 11:00PM. Either a 2 1/2 drive home or another hotel stay in Portland seems like a lot. I am really sorry that I didn't do an extra day, there is so much to see and I doubt in my life if I will ever get back again.

Still not getting email notification, anyone else have that problem. On a PM I do get it but no on a subscribed thread.



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Better than mapquest is our Priceline Maps :)

There is one other user not receiving email notifications of subscribed forums/topics (that i know of), if anyone else is having an issue please let us know via PM. It would also help if in the next 24 hours anyone who is receiving email notifications please let us know just so we know that it is working properly for others (i tried subscribing to a forum and received the email notification, but just want to make sure that it is working for others as well).

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